Shure Launches High Density Mode for Microflex Wireless


EPPINGEN, GERMANY, February 7, 2017—Today, Shure Incorporated debuted a High Density mode for its line of Microflex® Wireless System (MXW) conferencing microphones. Launched in 2013, the versatile and scalable MXW systems’ range of wireless microphones and supporting hardware have become the industry go-to solution for managed AV conferencing in large corporate boardrooms, multi-room environments, and networked campuses. The firmware version 5.x update for MXW includes High Density mode which enables users to operate twice as many simultaneous microphones.

The update works with new and existing MXW hardware as long as firmware 5.x is installed. In High Density mode the maximum channel count for US, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, and most of South America will increase from 40 to 80, while Europe, The Middle East, and parts of Asia will increase from 80 to 160 channels. To fit twice as many channels into the same amount of spectrum, High Density mode uses a modified transmission scheme that also increases battery life. There is no difference in wireless range.

"To accommodate our customers that need to operate high channel counts, we’ve doubled the channel capacity without compromising audio quality," said Josh Siegle, Product Manager. "In situations where many microphones are required, or where the DECT spectrum is crowded, Microflex Wireless with High Density mode is the conferencing wireless microphone system that provides the highest-performing, most flexible solution.”

To learn more or to download the Microflex Wireless High Density mode firmware upgrade, visit Shure at