Shure introduces premium audio accessories for use with SE earphones


Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable (RMCE-LTG) and  Remote + Mic Accessory Cable (RMCE) 

Shure Incorporated announced the launch of two audio accessory solutions for Shure earphone customers.

The new Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable (RMCE-LTG) features a  premium inline DAC and stereo headphone amplifier for use with any iOS  device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) with a Lightning® connector. Employing the  Apple-certified Lightning Audio Module, three-button remote and mic, the  Shure Remote + Mic Lighting Accessory Cable brings the benefits of  digital audio and simple convenience together in one best-in-class  solution.

This cable is the first and only one with MMCX connectors, providing  digital iOS compatibility for all SE Sound Isolating earphones with  detachable cable. Custom designed by Shure engineers, it offers  unmatched clarity and dynamic range for listening to digital audio on  the go.

“As portable listening technology evolves, Shure continuously strives  to provide our customers with the quality solutions and tools they need  to get the best performance from their audio gear,” said Sean Sullivan,  Senior Product Manager at Shure. “With current and future generations  of iOS devices eliminating the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the new Lightning  Accessory cable provides a superior iOS digital audio solution, enabling  Shure earphone users to get the most out of their music.”

Shure also announced a new Remote + Mic Accessory Cable (RMCE)  designed for SE earphones with detachable cable and Apple iOS devices  with 3.5 mm TRRS connectors. This cable features a sleek, three-button  remote/mic pod that enables listeners to conveniently control device  playback, volume, and the sending/receiving of calls.

“Portable audio is about blending performance and convenience.  Smartphone users are constantly shuffling among music, text messages,  phone calls, and social media, and our new cables have the Remote and  Mic to help our SE earphone customers navigate seamlessly though all of  the features iOS devices present. It’s an extremely useful accessory,”  added Sullivan.

Both cables work with SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, and SE846, and  answer the demands of on-the-go audio enthusiasts for a seamless mobile  listening experience. The Remote + Mic Accessory Cable (RMCE) will start  shipping in February 2017. The Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable  (RMCE-LTG) will be available spring 2017.