Shure Webinar: The SM57 and the President of the United States


Join us for a special “prime time” webinar about the history of the relationship between the iconic SM57 and the President.

The SM57 and the President of the United States: 50 Years of Service to the White House

The SM57 Instrument Microphone was introduced in 1965. Since the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson, the SM57 has been the microphone of choice for the Presidential lectern.

In this one-hour webinar, Shure Corporate Historian and White House Liaison Michael Pettersen will explain the technical reasons for the use of the SM57 for this critical sound reinforcement application. Behind-the-scenes stories also will illustrate the evolution of the Presidential audio system over the decades. The presentation will be about 40 minutes, allowing 20 minutes for questions at the end.