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Keep your conference system performing at its best with the latest easy-to-use and free-to-download firmware packages. These downloads include Firmware Update Utility which helps you update compatible Shure products (MXC, DDS5900, and DCS6000) while managing all of your device firmware. The MXC Firmware Update Utility (FUU) is bundled with the firmware download on the Shure website. Use this program to keep your system updated to the latest firmware version, or to upload image files to compatible conference units. For any questions see the MXC User Guide or contact support for assistance.

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Version 9.3.0 | View All Updates

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Compatible Products


DIS-CCU Central Control Unit

Central control unit for use with MXC-series, 5900-series, or 6000-series conference and discussion units.


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Firmware Compatibility Chart

User Guide & Specs

Release Notes

Version 9.3.0

Release notes cover the following models:

  • MXC605/605-F
  • MXC615
  • MXC620/620-F
  • MXC630/630-F
  • MXC640
  • AO6004
  • DC5900F
  • DC5980P
  • DCS6000 legacy conference and interpreter units


  • This firmware release can be used to update Microflex Complete (MXC) or DCS 6000 systems using DIS-CCU Central Unit and to update DC5900F and DC5980P devices to register and work in an MXC system.
  • Systems using CU 5905, CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010, CU 6011, CU 6105, or CU 6110 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • The Firmware Update Utility (FUU) included in this release, is required to be used making the update.

New Features

  • MXC640
    • Optimization of voting performance (card insert/remove):
      • When the participant inserts the card, an animation 'Reading NFC card' is shown following with displaying of the name of the participant logging in. The animation is still shown when a participant is logging in, when a voting session is not started, but is fast-forwarded and greeting-banner removed, when a voting session is started enabling the participant to vote as quick as possible after inserting the card.
    • ‘System information’ report updated to include firmware version of devices
    • Chairman' changed to 'Chairperson'

Bug Fixes

    • The FW version number reported with the 'avr' command is different compared to FW version reported in FUU
    • Event log warning added if unknown card is detected
  • MXC640
    • Removal of wrong NFC card during SW6000 meeting & voting, results in card-error-animation hang
    • Wrong voting conclusion (passed/not passed) can be displayed when under SW6000 control


  • MXC and DCS 6000 firmware files are packaged together in the same release file.
  • To operate MXC devices with FW release 9.3.0 with other Shure networked systems, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • SW6000 v9.2 or later
    • Shure NFC Programming App 1.0.3