Upgrade your old wireless system with the Shure Trade-Up Program

Shure Incorporated | June 1, 2021 Upgrade your old wireless system with the Shure Trade-Up Program

We get it – The 700 MHz radio band is going away for wireless microphone use AND meeting environments have changed with minimal-touch solutions in high demand. 

We have you covered – Trade your old wireless systems (from any brand) for new Shure Digital Wireless OR Networked Array systems at a discount!

Why do I need to change my wireless?

The 700 MHz radio band has been allocated to telecom use (4G/5G), which means it is no longer available for wireless microphone systems. This means that wireless systems working in this frequency range have or will soon become unlawful to operate.

Or you may be interested in simply upgrading your older analog systems to the latest digital technology with many benefits, such as spectrum efficiency, encryption, drop-in re-charging, LED info/settings displays, and many more!

How can array microphones replace the use of wireless? 

Array technology can work very well as a sound reinforcement alternative in corporate and education environments (using voice lift) while at the same time used for video conferencing or streaming. Client’s needs are shifting from live presentations to video conferencing and hybrid learning. In addition to this, array microphones are great solutions for meeting new demands as they require minimal touch or are completely touch-free.

Click here to learn more about Voicelift: (https://www.shure.com/en-US/conferencing-meetings/ignite/voice-lift-takes-communication-to-a-new-level)

Which Shure systems can I buy with this discount?

Digital Wireless Systems:

SLX-D, QLX-D, MXW, ULX-D, Axient Digital

Networked Array Microphones: 




What are the terms?

The promotion is valid from June 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. 

Trade-in systems must be functional and should include both transmitter and receiver. Systems from any manufacturer are accepted, regardless of how old they are or which frequencies they operate in. Discounts only apply to the same amount of trade-up channel counts of wireless systems and the channel-counts indicated below for array products:

1 wireless transmitter + 1 wireless receiver = 1 channel

2 wireless transmitters + 1 dual-channel receiver = 2 channels

This promotion is currently being carried out in the following countries: Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Please click here to find the authorized Shure Distributor in your country.

Shure Incorporated

Shure Incorporated

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