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Convert WH20QTR to WH20TQG



I bought the T-series headset a few years ago, and am now thinking of upgrading the transmitter and receiver systems. The problem is that none of the UHF wireless systems in your catalogue allow a 1/...

Fit of the WH20TQG headset mic



Hi, I just bought the WH20TQG. My question, do they come with bigger or more flexible wire? I have a big head and that wire is tight. Is there another model that's more flexible? Answer All Shure hea...

Converting the WH20TQG into a wired WH20



I have a Shure WH20 TQG headset mic with a 4 pin TA4F connector on it. I'm looking to make an adaptor up so I can use this mic as a wired mic. Answer This can be done. Fabricate the adapter as follow...

WH20 User Guide



Model WH20 User Guide ©2005, Shure Incorporated 27G3078 (Rev. 7) Printed in U.S.A. GENERAL The Shure Model WH20 is a rugged, light-weight, dynamic headset microphone that provides high-quality voice p...

SM98A Preamp - replacement for ILP-1



I was told that the adaptor ILP-1 is no longer available and that a RK183PK would work in its place. Is this true?Also, I am looking for an adaptor that if my wireless system goes down I can still us...

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WH20 - Dynamic Headset Microphone



Rugged, comfortable headsets that provides high-quality voice pickup for active mic users.

WH20 replaces WH10?



I have a headset with a WH10 mic and need to replace the mic. Can I go with a WH20 instead? Answer Yes, just make certain the new WH20 has the same connector at the end of the cable as your WH10. Att...

Connecting WH20-TQG to XLR input



I have a WH20 headset mike with the TA4F connector. Is there an adapter that will allow me to use this with a standard XLR mike cable, without removing the existing TA4F connector? I'd like to switch...

WH20 XLR Output level



I have purchased the WH20XLR, I am trying to use it in the same connection to the PA as the SM58 I have been using. But I have use so much gain that it just doesn't seem right. What am I missing? I...

WH20 for hockey announce



I am a public address announcer for a hockey team and after 2 seasons I am finding it necessary to go with a headworn microphone. I like the style and functions of the WH20, but is it well-suited for...

WH20 wiring to TA4F connector



I am removing the XLR connector from a WH20XLR headset in order to attach a TA4F connector (to use with a Shure wireless bodypack). What is the correct wiring? Answer The wiring diagram for the WH2...

WH20QTR repair



I own a Shure single diversity VHF "Headset" wireless system. The headworn mic is broken - the cable got stretched. Can I plug an aftermarket headset mic into the 1/4" jack on the beltpack transmitte...

Lemo to TA4M adapter cable



I'm going to make an adapter to be able to attach a TA4F equipment capsule to a U1L body pack. I just want to make sure my pin outs are correct. Please advise. Answer The adapter must use a TA4M to m...

XLR connector that converts from male to female



Is there an XLR cable connector that converts from male to female? I want to fabricate a mic cable with a male/female XLR on both ends. It would be very useful! Answer In 2008, Neutrik introduced a "...

WA360 User Guide



Publications User Guides WA360 (English) General Description General Description The Shure WA360 lets you remotely mute Shure lavalier microphones during presentations or performances. When installe...

Adaptor: High-Z mic to Low-Z mixer?



I've just bought a 520D, and have occasions where I cannot use my Fender amplifier for my harp. On these occasions, I use the High Impedance input on our sound mixer.But, when we recently played a la...

WA360 User Guide



La dotazione del WA360 comprende due cavi non scollegabili: uno è lungo circa 102 mm (4 pollici) e porta un connettore TA4M da collegare al cavo del microfono, l'altro è lungo circa 838 mm (33 pollici...

Access UHF Series User Guide



English ACCESS UHF SERIES USER GUIDE This user guide provides detailed instructions for your Access UHF series wireless system. To get your system up and running in minutes, see the Access UHF Serie...

ULX-D Dual and Quad



ULX-D Dual and Quad Wireless Microphone System User guide for Shure ULXD Dual and Quad wireless system. Includes setup instructions, specifications, and troubleshooting. Version: 4 (2020-E) Shure Inco...

ULX-D Dual and Quad User Guide



Publications User Guides ULXD-DQ (English) IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ these instructions. KEEP these instructions. HEED all warnings. FOLLOW all instructions. DO NOT use this apparatus near wa...