In-Ear Monitors for Singing Drummers: June 2016 Question of the Month

In-Ear Monitors for Singing Drummers: June 2016 Question of the Month

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In-Ear Monitors for Singing Drummers: June 2016 Question of the Month

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Shure Notes email newsletter subscribers submit their burning audio questions every month, and we pick one to publish in the email and here. This month, we focus on in-ear monitor solutions for drummers who sing.

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Al, who loves his BETA 58A® vocal mic, asked:

I would like to inquire about a one-ear, in-ear monitor to use onstage with a PA. I am a drummer-vocalist. I need to hear the vocals (mine especially) to avoid over-reaching vocally without sacrificing my ability to hear my drums well. What would you suggest that is affordable for the semi-pro musician?


Shure product support answered:

It is strongly recommended that you use earphones in both ears. The earphones are designed to save your hearing by blocking loud onstage sound. Having one ear open is dangerous for your hearing.

As a starting point for product, look at the SE425 earphones and the P9HW wired earphone amplifier. No need to use a wireless system as you are seated while playing.

Please see our FAQ article The ABC's of Configuring a Personal Monitor System for setup information.

P.S. From the Shure Notes editor: our PSM 101 video series is another resource for those who are new to in-ear monitors or are considering making the leap. The four short videos in the series include Why Use Personal Monitors, Choosing a Personal Monitor System, Earphones and Safe Listening Practices, and Setting Up Your Personal Monitor System. Here's the first one to get you started.



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