The 3 Best Microphones for Singing Karaoke

The 3 Best Microphones for Singing Karaoke

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The 3 Best Microphones for Singing Karaoke

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Karaoke is all about having fun. But singers can still combine having a good time with serious audio quality. So Shure has assembled the ultimate guide to the three best microphones for karaoke.

Being a bit nervous before the music starts is part of what makes karaoke so exciting. There’s nothing quite like performing your heart out – no matter if it’s for a group of your closest friends or a room full of complete strangers.

But the equipment you’re using shouldn’t contribute to your stage anxiety.  Having a microphone you can depend on is crucial to giving karaoke singers the confidence they need.

Maybe you’re a karaoke regular, someone who wants to use the same microphone each time you perform. Perhaps you’re the owner of a karaoke bar searching for some new mics for your main stage and private rooms. Or you might be an entertainer looking for a dependable microphone that can take a beating at birthday parties, weddings, or bar mitzvahs – and still sound amazing.  

Whatever your needs, Shure has the perfect karaoke mic for you. Three models are particularly well suited to your next Abba tribute night or K-pop extravaganza:

Each of these microphones is a great choice that will serve your karaoke sessions reliably and professionally. But if you want an easy way to tell them apart, they ascend in both price and performance in the following order: PGA48, PGA58, SM58

Sound like a pro

All three of these models are dynamic microphones – which are ideal for live performances such as karaoke. Why? They’re what the pros use to make their vocals sound both “warm” and clear. Plus, they’re very tough – you are not going to break it while belting out your best Beyoncé rendition. They also handle loud environments with ease, minimizing feedback, plosives and other onstage noise.

They are different enough, however, that you’ll want to keep the following questions in mind while selecting the right mic for karaoke: 

  1. What kind of singer are you?
  2. Where will you be performing?
  3. What’s your budget?

OK, let’s take these one at a time. First off, what kind of karaoke singer are you? An occasional singer? Or a Friday night regular? Maybe you’re not even doing the singing but are the proprietor of a karaoke joint or rental company? 

For someone just getting into karaoke or singing infrequently, the PGA48 is probably the mic for you. If you’ve got a serious karaoke habit, the SM58 will be a loyal companion for your exploits. And business owners looking to purchase multiple mics should perhaps consider the sensible middle option, the PGA58. 

Next up, where will you be performing?

If you need a mic for center stage performances, regardless if it’s your own microphone or you’re a bar owner, the top-shelf SM58 is the way to go.  

Searching for a mic for several private rooms? Look no further than the durable PGA58. If you do karaoke in the convenience of your own home, go with the more affordable PGA48. That’s probably also a great choice for party rentals.  

Do you need a mic with switch to ensure quiet handovers between performers? Both PGA models have them. The PGA58 offers you a bit more sonic range for your money.  

If you’re still having trouble deciding between the PGA48 and PGA58, it may just come down to a preference between the silver grille on the former and the sleek all-black look of the latter.

Lastly, the budget question is fairly straightforward: The PGA48 and PGA58 are more affordable options, whereas you will pay a bit more for the legendary SM58 sound.


This microphone is a great choice for new karaoke fans and anyone looking for a reasonably priced option for home.  It has a useful on/off switch and will make you sound like a star! 


Need a great mic to take to club night or are you a karaoke bar owner searching for an affordable option for several private rooms? The PGA58 is a professional microphone offering renowned Shure quality and performance. It also has a handy on/off switch for smooth handovers between performers.


There’s a very good reason this microphone is a live performance legend. The SM58 provides warm, crisp vocals no matter if you’re channeling the spirit of Frank Sinatra or getting down like Bad Bunny. It’s what the pros have trusted for decades.  Why? Your voice will come through sounding true and natural. Every time.