MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Live performances of your favorite band. Breaking news. Best friend’s wedding. Chatter & laughter. Usual antic of your dog. Waves crash on a pristine beach.

Every precious moment in life can sound a lot more wonderful. Capture them all in video with MV88 and relive your favorite moments anytime in high definition stereo.

HD Sound recording by your iPhone, iPod and iPad

Designed to work seamlessly with your iOS devices via Lightning connector, the ultra-compact MV88 endeavors to enhance your portable recording experience with music and video. Features such as professional-grade capsule & Mid-Side recording enable you to capture 24-bit digital stereo sound with outstanding quality.
  • 24-bit Uncompressed Digital Recording
    No longer have to compromise quality for convenience of recording conventional 16-bit audio format on portable devices, capture smoother, mellower and fuller sound with superb clarity in uncompressed 24-bit format, free from artifacts and distortions.
  • Custom-designed Capsules
    A sublime expression of pursuing the best sound – each MV88 is mounted with Shure custom-designed, professional-grade condenser capsules with 10mm large diaphragms, capable of picking up sound waves and converting them into electronic signal at the best quality.
  • Mid-side Recording
    Configured with two built-in capsules to record from both the front (cardioid) and from the sides (bi-directional), MV88 offers both amateur and advanced users an incredible approach to stereo imaging, as well as extra flexibility for stereo width adjustment.

Your iPhone videos look great, make them sound greater!

Further on capturing stunning HD or even 4K video with an iPhone, MV88 enriches your video contents with clear, life-like sound in stereo.
Pocket Recording Studio
Record your band’s play, capture live performances and even street music as it happens.
Document it
Record a lecture, meeting conversations, and important interviews with superb clarity.
HD Audio for HD Videos
Retain precious moments in pristine quality that you will want to watch - and listen - again and again.
Create and share
Film a video tutorial to share your expertise on social media, or build your own video training log. Your imagination is the only limit.

Light in weight, ready for action!

Snap it on & be ready for the shot when time is right! Weighing a mere 41g, the metal-constructed MV88 is ultra-light but resilient for actions on-the-go. The unique microphone hinge enables rotation between 0 and 90 degrees for sound recordings in desired positioning.

Gear up like a Pro

The MV88 comes with a durable case that provides full protection during transport. The included foam windscreen effectively reduces breathing noise in indoor environments. For recording outdoor, the available Windjammer provides professional-grade protection against wind noise of up to 25dB, ensuring crystal clear recordings even in less favorable conditions.
  • For Outdoor
    Windjammer ideally creates smooth flow of air and reduce wind noise of up to 25dB when recording outdoors.
  • For Travel
    Rugged protective cases to withstand tough conditions during travel.
  • For Indoor
    Foam windscreen significantly reduces breathing noises to record interview with high clarity in indoor environment.
ShurePlus™ MOTIV™: Maximize the power of sound creations.
Complementary to all MOTIV™ products, this FREE iOS App completes your recording experience with powerful features beneath its intuitive user interface. Customize your microphone setting with just a few taps, either on predefined presets or manual controls.

Hearing Is Believing

Listen to the sample tracks with your headphones for the most accurate experience.



Source files are 24-bit / 48 kHz uncompressed recordings captured by the ShurePlus MOTIV App.


MFi Certified


DSP Modes (Presets)

Speech / Singing / Acoustic / Loud / Flat

Transducer Type

Cardioid (1 cm) / Bidirectional Condenser Cartridge (1 cm)

Polar Pattern

Adjustable Width Stereo / Mono Bidirectional / Mono Cardioid / Mid-Side

Bit Depth / Sample Rate

Up to 24 Bit / 48 kHz

Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20,000 Hz

Adjustable Gain Range

0 to +36 dB


-37 dBFS / Pa at 1 kHz

Maximum SPL

120 dB SPL

Headphone Output

Available Through Apple Device

Power Requirements

Powered Through Lightning Connector


All-Metal Construction

Net Weight

40.5 g (1.43 oz)

Dimensions (H × W × D)

67 mm × 25 mm × 35 mm

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