What You Need To Know About Stem Firmware Update 2.4.2

Stem Ecosystem | July 26, 2022 What You Need To Know About Stem Firmware Update 2.4.2

We are excited to announce that starting July 26th and over the upcoming weeks, the Stem Ecosystem will release a new firmware update 2.4.2. The implementation of this update will provide improved satisfaction to our customers with the ability to continue to improve their ecosystems with new features, enhanced performance, and so much more. So, what’s included in this update? Let’s dive in to find out what this update has to offer!

Improved Microphone Performance For A Better Far-End Experience
We’ve taken feedback from our customers and users back to the drawing board to improve the microphone performance from Stem devices in the room to deliver enhanced audio output to far-end meeting participants. Now, the other end will hear you even better than before!

Updated UI Branding
With the integration of the Stem Ecosystem into the Shure portfolio, we are refreshing the branding within the Stem Ecosystem platform user interface. The UI will now feature the Shure name and updated Stem Ecosystem logos.

FU (2).png

Track Your Firmware Update Progress

Ever wondered where you were at with your updates? Well, Stem firmware updates are more robust and user-friendly than ever! With the implementation of update 2.4.2, you'll be able to see your update progress with the addition of the firmware update status indicators displayed on both the user interface and the hardware. If you're using the Stem Ecosystem platform, you will be able to see the progress tracker on the user interface, while the Stem devices show their progress via LED light indications.

Faster Boot-Up Times and Enhanced Stability for Large Scale Deployments

We know your time is valuable which is why with this latest release, we’ve optimized OS in the Stem Products to boot up faster. Now, you can save more time during setup and firmware updates with faster device boot-up times of around a minute and a half so that you can make the most of every minute. Plus, the release of Stem 2.4.2 offers improved device stability with large-scale network deployments.

Enhanced Stability for Large Scale Deployments

The release of Stem 2.4.2 offers improved device stability with large-scale network deployments. When Stem devices are added to your large-scale network, they will send out a one-time request for an IP address and you’ll be all set with your device's IP address!

Want to check if your devices need an update?

To check what firmware your devices are currently running on, you can use a device’s IP address and access the Stem Ecosystem platform, available for iOS, Android, and via the HTML version. Once on the Stem Ecosystem platform, you can scroll to the bottom and see what firmware version your device is running. If you don’t already have automatic firmware updates enabled you can update your firmware by going to SETTINGS > FIRMWARE UPDATES > CHECK FOR UPDATES and if an update is available then it will search for one and if one is found, it will ask you if you want to install it now. If you need any additional assistance you can contact our Customer Happiness team at (949)877-STEM (7836) or at customerhappiness@shure.com.



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