Stem + Microflex: Great Conferencing Audio, Times Two

Shure Incorporated | May 28, 2021 Stem + Microflex:  Great Conferencing Audio, Times Two


Shure makes every voice count — from the boardroom to the classroom.  With products that are innovative, flexible, and built to last -- our audio solutions allow you to make the most of every meeting.

Most of the time, Shure Microflex microphones, wireless systems, DSP units, and loudspeakers are configured into bespoke solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer, whether that’s a university, corporate headquarters, or government agency. 

But for smaller businesses with just one or two meeting rooms, a custom-tailored AV installation may be a bigger project than they are comfortable with.  Yet they still want better audio than an all-in-one audio appliance from an office supply catalog can provide.

Even major AV projects at large organizations managed by a systems integrator often include an assortment of smaller rooms that need a simple solution that doesn’t require much programming and installation time.

That’s why Shure acquired Stem Audio.  Together, the Microflex and Stem Ecosystems give systems integrators an even broader menu of options to satisfy the complete spectrum of their clients’ needs, from a large multi-functional training room at a corporate headquarters to a basic meeting room at a branch office.  Having more choices allows integrators to offer a customized solution where it’s appropriate, and a simple, more cost-effective audio package that streamlines installation yet still offers premium performance.

How the Microflex and Stem Ecosystems Compare

The Microflex Ecosystem has been enormously successful, in part because it can be endlessly customized and integrated with third-party AV equipment and control systems and it is certified for use with popular collaboration platforms.  Integrators are free to choose exactly the right blend of microphones, processors, loudspeakers, and third-party control systems that can be precisely assembled to fit the functional needs and architectural characteristics of the space – which might be a traditional wood-paneled boardroom or a contemporary divisible university classroom.

Microflex Ecosystem for AV conferencing

The Stem Ecosystem appeals to clients seeking a more straightforward approach that provides confirmed performance with a choice of ceiling, wall, or table microphones but requires minimal programming and on-site configuration.  Their meeting rooms tend to be standard spaces with no significant acoustic or architectural elements that might complicate AV system deployment.

Stem Ecosystem for AV conferencing
  • The Microflex Ecosystem is ideal when the client requires a best-in-class solution that is precisely tailored to provide AV conferencing, sound reinforcement, recording, or voice lift (or a combination) in spaces with acoustic or architectural challenges.  Additional features like audio encryption or certification with leading software and hardware collaboration platforms may be required.  These projects are often managed in consultation with a system designer, architect, or interior designer serving top-tier corporate, education, or government institutions.
  • The Stem Ecosystem is appropriate when the client’s needs and budget dictate a straightforward audio and control solution specifically for videoconferencing, that allows streamlined installation in standard meeting rooms that do not have any special requirements.  These projects can involve just a few rooms at a small business or many small meeting rooms within the context of a larger project at a major organization.

With both the Stem and Microflex Ecosystems to choose from, systems integrators will be more successful at winning projects where simplified project scope and competitive cost are critical.  Shure now offers a single source for all of the client’s enterprise audio needs, from simple to complex, small to large.  Whatever the situation, system integrators can offer extraordinary collaboration experiences to each client at a level of performance and investment where they are comfortable.  As a bonus, this comes with the long Shure heritage of technical leadership in high-quality audio, acoustics, wireless, DSP, software, and audio networking and access to our award-winning global support infrastructure.

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