How Do MXA920 Coverage Areas Work?

Chris Lyons | May 2, 2022 How Do MXA920 Coverage Areas Work?


The MXA920 uses Automatic CoverageTM technology, so it picks up every talker clearly, no matter where they are – even if multiple people talk at the same time.

Out of the box, the MXA920 is pre-configured to cover a 30 by 30 foot (9 by 9 meter) area.  The microphone will automatically adapt its coverage to capture all talkers within that area.

If you prefer to capture talkers only in specific areas, use Shure Designer software to place coverage areas where they will be – in seating areas, at a podium, or in front of a white board.  The MXA920 automatically picks up sound in those areas while avoiding sounds from outside of them.

The Difference Between Dedicated and Dynamic Coverage Areas

There are actually two kinds of coverage areas.  Dedicated coverage areas are 6 feet by 6 feet (2 meters by 2 meters), and have microphone coverage all the time.  They work best for talkers that will stay in one place, like at a podium for example.

MXA920 Dynamic Coverage areas placed over U-shaped table and Dedicated Coverage area placed over podium

In Dynamic coverage areas, the microphone intelligently adapts its coverage to capture talkers anywhere within the area, since there might not be talkers everywhere all the time.  Dynamic coverage is ideal for seating areas, since the number of people present and where they’re sitting will vary.

The MXA920 will ignore talkers or sounds that are outside of coverage areas.  This makes it easy to avoid picking up side conversations from people seated along the walls of the room who are not direct participants in the meeting.

The MXA920 lets you define up to eight coverage areas, and they can be any mix of Dedicated or Dynamic to suit your needs.  No matter what combination you choose, the MXA920 will pick up everyone – even if multiple people talk at the same time in different areas.

With Automatic Coverage, the MXA920 ensures that everyone is heard clearly, wherever they are.

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

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