Shure facilitates Chinese Culture Education at Jao Tsung-I Academy

Shure facilitates Chinese Culture Education at Jao Tsung-I Academy

Hong Kong, August 2014 - The Jao Tsung-I (JTI) Academy, a historic compound located at the former Lai Chi Kok Hospital, was recently revitalized under a project of the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR government, transforming the landmark into a center dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and encouraging cultural exchange. With a wide range of facilities visited by local and overseas guests, the academy required a reliable, high quality AV system to support its various exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and conferences.

EduServe, the authorized Shure distributor in Hong Kong, well understood the requirements and needs of this unique site and was awarded to equip the JTI performance hall, classrooms, and meeting rooms with topline Shure wired and wireless microphones, simultaneous interpretation systems, and digital discussion systems.

“The main performance and theatre hall was a key site in the sound system installation project,” says the Exhibition & Public Program Manager at JTI Academy. “It is frequently visited by overseas guests and used for seminars by foreign lecturers, which is why we needed an easy-to-use interpretation system which can transmit wireless language translations to the audience.”

The Shure DCS 6000-series Interpreter Units and Digital IR Audio Distribution System provided the perfect solution for this requirement. The portable IS 6132 P Interpreter Units deliver fully digital simultaneous language transmission, and RA 6013 digital radiators, capable of covering areas of up to 1000 sqm, distribute a powerful and reliable infra-red signal to 50 wireless DR 6008 receivers. The receivers use latest electronics technology, ensuring maximum performance and a long battery life-time, while the design fits nicely into the concept of the historic, 120-seat theatre hall.

“The DCS 6000 system is a state-of-the-art digital conferencing and interpretation system. Paired with the legendary SM58 and Beta58A wireless microphones that are being used on stage, the performance hall is now equipped to deliver superb audio quality and engage the audience,” commented Carl Poon, Manager at EduServe.

In addition to the main theatre hall, Shure digital conferencing and discussion systems also guarantee excellent sound quality in the conference rooms of the JTI Academy, where the DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System now facilitates committee conferencing across various locations. 25 DC 5980P Discussion Units with CU 5905 Central Unit were connected with an HD video conferencing and projection system. The integrated solution transmits clear conference audio together with a local camera signal, enabling committee discussions with remote participants. “The easy setup, central control, user-friendly design, and especially the integration with our VC system are great features and have made it a lot easier for us to organize conferencing sessions with all committee members, even those who are not physically present,” says the Program Manager.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DDS DDS 5900 Digital discussion system enables up to 250 meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country.
DCS DCS 6000 Digital conference system enables meetings of up to 3,800 users to be managed with complete control and reliability.