Open forum of ideas at PSNI Global Alliance annual meeting with MXCW

Open forum of ideas at PSNI Global Alliance annual meeting with MXCW

Customer Profile

PSNI Global Alliance is the largest global technology network of AV/UCC providers with more than 200 licensed offices in over 50 countries spanning the largest geographical area in the world.

The Alliance started with the purpose to connect the best of the best in AV integration and serve as a best practices group. In recent years, it further introduced certification programs to ensure uncompromising standards and synchronization of deployment processes and services provided by its members. As of 2022, PSNI recorded 818 completed AV projects including 570 integration and 248 service projects. 


The Alliance’s 2022 annual global member meeting was scheduled prior to the ISE tradeshow at an off-site location in Barcelona. Representatives from more than 80 integrators and over 25 countries were in attendance. A conference solution was required to facilitate communication, sharing of ideas and discussion in the hired venue.

Due to limited time for setup, the organizers required a flexible audio solution that could be quickly deployed on-site, adapt to the chosen seating layout, and provide clear sound to the international, multilingual attendees. A wireless solution was preferred for ease of setup, which further necessitated sufficient battery runtime for a full-day meeting.


Shure supported the hosting PSNI member, Ditec Communicaciones, with the Microflex® Complete Wireless (MXCW) Conference System. 45 Wireless Conference Units were brought into the venue, with one unit shared between two attendees.


Hear it from the participants, watch the video.

The MXCW platform is something that we’ve used multiple times, and each time has been a tremendous success. It’s the perfect product set. It just works.

Chris Miller, Executive Director, PSNI Global Alliance

Yet again, having MXCW at the event raised the bar for us and made it so much easier to collaborate. One of my favorite sessions during this meeting is our 'Shout-outs'. It was a large room so having the ability to stay where they are and have a nice, organic flow to one of the best, feel-good moments of the meeting was incredible.  

Hailey Klein, Director of Marketing and Communications, PSNI Global Alliance  

  • MXCW640 at speaker podium

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXCW640 MXCW640 45 Wireless Conference Unit for Microflex Complete Wireless conference system. Configurable as Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient Microphone unit.
MXCWAPT MXCWAPT 1 Access Point for Microflex Complete Wireless conference system. Controls up to 125 MXCW640 wireless conference units.