Hamburg’s Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians invests in Shure Microflex Wireless

Hamburg’s Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians invests in Shure Microflex Wireless

Customer Profile

Hamburg’s Humboldtstrasse is home to the newly constructed headquarters of the local Association of Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) Physicians — that is, practitioners who, like most doctors in Germany, derive part of their income from payments made by the mandatory national private health insurance providers.  The new building offers SHI-accredited doctors and psychotherapists from the Hamburg area plenty of space and also the equipment they need for their committee-based activities, board meetings and other events. Mediasystem, a company based in Reinbek, to the south-east of Hamburg, was tasked with providing a sound reinforcement system, a room booking system and associated AV presentation equipment for the new HQ.


The Julius Adam Suite is the largest meeting space in the Association’s new HQ, but despite its size, the Association felt it important that lines of sight should remain as uninterrupted and speech as intelligible as possible, even as far as the back rows of the chamber’s public seating. Amongst other activities, the suite often hosts discussions featuring many participants, and these have to be moderated effectively. The Association also felt it important that the sound reinforcement and presentation equipment should impinge as little as possible on the architecture of the room, and blend in seamlessly, with the control of all the technology being possible from a single central control point.


A Shure Microflex® Wireless microphone system was chosen for the chamber. MXW is a complete system of products, including the wireless mic transmitters themselves, charging stations, access point transceivers and multichannel network interfaces. The MXW system’s elegant, flexible hardware, including handheld mics, beltpacks, boundary microphones and tablemount bases, is an ideal choice for any installed environment, delivering excellent sound and uncompromised, low-latency signals via a Dante or ordinary Ethernet-based network. It also offers AES-256 encryption technology. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery packs used in the transmitters can be charged without having to remove them from the transmitters and have a battery life, when fully charged, of up to eight hours. The remaining battery charge can also be monitored remotely.

In the MXW installation at the Humboldtstrasse HQ, up to 32 wireless mics can be used at once, including 20 MXW8 transceiver units for use with gooseneck microphones featuring a 'Talk' button — the best possible solution for the Association’s lively discussions.


Adjustable, three-colour lighting columns lend the suite a very special atmosphere, and its technical provisions were made with events featuring many participants in mind. The AV technology in the room is linked together via a Crestron control system and can be remotely operated from a central touchpanel. Meetings can even be recorded for posterity if required.

All the technology in the chamber forms a seamlessly elegant part of the suite’s carefully considered architectural design, and even non-technical staff require only a short introductory training session to pick up everything they need to know to operate it with confidence.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXW8 Desktop base gooseneck transmitter offers compatibility with Microflex Wireless systems and a stylish design to complement any conference setting.
Microflex Wireless Choose Microflex® Wireless table microphones for flexible setup and confident communication, ensuring every voice is always heard.