EXPO 2020 International Planning Meeting

EXPO 2020 International Planning Meeting

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Dubai, U.A.E., May 2016 – On 23-24 May 2016, the Expo 2020 committee hosted its first International Planning Meeting (IPM) at the Emirates Towers in Dubai, bringing together representatives from 132 countries to share the vision and exchange ideas relating to the upcoming World Expo’s theme and masterplan.

Following the successful execution of previous events for the Expo 2020 committee, DLC Events, Shure Conferencing Network Partner in Dubai, were the first choice for event production company Eventlab to supply conferencing equipment for this occasion. The high level meeting, attended by government and diplomatic officials from around the world, required simultaneous interpretation and discussion systems to enable panel discussions and workshops. The committee specifically requested conference units that were able to display the Expo 2020 logo as well as conference management software to control the meeting.

Based on the requirements, DLC demonstrated the Shure DCS 6000 Digital Conference System to Eventlab. Impressed by the system’s functionality, the production company decided to rent 175 units of the DC 6990P Discussion Unit to accompany the interpretation system which included booths for Arabic, English and French languages. DLC were able to cater for almost all of the equipment needs from its in-house inventory.

At the meeting venue, the microphones were set up in 14 rows of seats, cabled in individual rows with the use of four EX 6010 Cat5e Extension Units. This setup ensured that any potential issue would only affect a minimal number of microphones, while the rest of the configuration remained online.

Terminators were also inserted at the end of each chain of microphones and all EX 6010 units were safely positioned behind set pieces to reduce the chance of any communication or equipment disruption to a minimum.

Utilizing the SW 6000 Conference Management Software and integrated Conference Administration Application (CAA), each seat was numbered to ensure that microphones were easily distinguishable. Challenges during the setup were mainly focused around frequent and short notice changes to seating positions, however the ease of adjusting the delegate seat table in the CAA meant that all changes were fast to implement.

A technician controlled the conference via the Conference User Application (CUA), which enabled them to see the microphone control page and delegate list, system messages for fast identification of any hardware problems, as well as room mimic on an external display. Should any issues arise during the event, the CUA would indicate the exact position in the room so that the technician could rectify the error immediately.

To enable the meeting moderator to easily identify and select delegates who had requested the floor, a laptop running the Conference Display Application (CDA) was provided to the video team who sent the signal to a large comfort monitor in front of the panel. The application was custom designed to show the speaker and request list in optimal font size, together with the country flag of the respective delegate.

A second CDA was also given to the camera mixer operator which allowed to effectively communicate the position of each speaker to the camera team.

The setup team consisted of four experienced technicians, led by Mark Breakspear of DLC Events. The show team included one discussion system technician who operated the SW 6000 software according to the moderators’ instructions, one technician in charge of the interpretation elements, and four hostesses who distributed and collected the wireless interpretation receivers.



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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DCS DCS 6000 Digital conference system enables meetings of up to 3,800 users to be managed with complete control and reliability.
SW6000 SW6000 SW6000 Conference Management Software provides configuration, control, management, and customization of conferences and meetings.