DIS Conferencing Systems successfully deployed at Harbin Boilers Co. Ltd. China

DIS Conferencing Systems successfully deployed at  Harbin Boilers Co. Ltd. China

Shanghai, December 2014 - Wincomn Technology, a Shure® appointed DIS Conferencing Systems distributor, successfully completed Harbin Boilers Co. Ltd.’s science research building project in December 2014. The project involved the installation of 126 seats of DIS Conferencing Systems to meet the customer’s conference, training and reporting needs, therefore, setting a new standard for modern conference room system design.

Harbin Boilers Co. Ltd. is one of the largest power plant boiler equipment manufacturers in terms of research & development, manufacturing and service capacity. Wincomn was tasked to create a high-end conferencing system in order to showcase the company leadership status in the industry. DIS Conferencing Systems are one of the most important product lines for Shure® and have been the first-choice product for countless international conferences as well as major conference centers by virtue of its outstanding performance.

“DIS Conferencing Systems are known for state-of-the-art technology, premium design and reliable performance. To date, Wincomn Technology has garnered over 3,000 successful installations across China. DIS Conferencing Systems are a highly-respectable brand in the China market, possessing an excellent brand image and excellent partners as well as users. Continued investments and innovation from Shure® in digital technology will no doubt fulfill the market expectations,” said Tony Chen, President of Wincomn Technology.

For the Harbin Boilers project, Wincomn utilized the DDS 5900 conferencing system and DCS 6000 digital conferencing system according to the characteristics of each conference room. For example, the conference room for technical exchange is installed with DDS 5900 conferencing system. Its elegant mobile “many-in-one” conferencing unit provides remarkable convenience to participants, especially during exchanges and discussions. For video-conferencing meeting rooms and conference rooms for major topical discussions, DCS 6000, a high-end built-in conferencing system was installed. It offers rich features with easy operation. The superb sound quality and stable performance of Shure® products under both major series enable them to be the perfect solutions for different types of conferences.

The DDS 5900 conferencing system consists of a central control unit and a "many-in-one” conferencing unit. Its functions include discussion units, simultaneous language-interpretation channels, voice activation and scrambled audio for secure transmission, etc. DDS 5900 offers a simple and elegant design, ease-of-use and multiple system control as well as plug-and-play advantages, thus allowing conference participants to fully concentrate on their event. Convenient audio conference, simultaneous interpretation, language distribution capabilities and high value-for-money are some of the reasons why DDS 5900 offers the best option for small conferences.

DCS 6000 digital conferencing system offers powerful simultaneous operation, excellent sound quality and stable performance. It is a major asset for important meetings and is specially designed for large-scale conference discussions. In addition to providing a sound-enhancing system for its users, DCS 6000 can be configured into different modes according to users’ requirements. To manage conference discussions, voting during meetings, simultaneous interpretation and voice distribution system, thus ensuring superb voice communication among conference delegates. By reason of its powerful functions the DCS 6000 digital conferencing system has become a preferred choice for medium and large conferences.


Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DDS DDS 5900 Digital discussion system enables up to 250 meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country.
DCS DCS 6000 Digital conference system enables meetings of up to 3,800 users to be managed with complete control and reliability.