Mega Enterprise In China’s Energy Market Upgrades Conference Room With MXCW

Mega Enterprise In China’s Energy Market Upgrades Conference Room With MXCW

Customer Profile

The customer is one of the largest listed power producers in China, operating power plants in 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities throughout the country. At its Shanghai branch, the enterprise runs three power plants, one of which was part of a national priority energy project in the 1980s and set the benchmark for power generation enterprises in China.

[Note: The company name has been omitted by request of the customer.]


Alongside facility and conference room renovations at the enterprise’s Shanghai subsidiary, an upgrade to the existing conference system was needed. The customer had been using analog Shure MX412D/C Desktop Gooseneck Microphones for over 9 years. Satisfied with the acoustic performance, quality and stability of these goosenecks, it was clear that Shure products would continue to be part of the new conference room.

The primary request was that the new solution had to be wireless. Not only to clean up the conference table and reduce the time and effort spent on cable management, but also to allow flexibility to move meetings to a larger or even external venue if needed.

Particularly in cases when guest speakers and external participants join a meeting, the new conference system had to be easily expandable without having to rearrange cables or reconfigure the entire system.

Microphone management was another concern that had to be addressed. The existing system was unable to automatically mix and manage open microphone channels, leading to recurring issues with feedback.


The customer considered both the ULX-D Digital Wireless System with ULXD8 Gooseneck Base Transmitters, as well as the Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) Conference System as replacement for the existing wired setup. While both solutions deliver solid and reliable wireless performance, MXCW was finally chosen for its simple and automated operation, strong expansion capabilities and system flexibility.


Wiring - Using only a single network cable to connect the Access Point (MXCWAPT) to the existing network switch, on-site wiring was significantly reduced leaving the conference table clean and unobstructed.

Flexibility – MXCW provides an all-in-one conference system that can be quickly moved to a new conference location if needed and flexibly adjusts to different room layouts. Moreover, a single MXCWAPT can handle up to 125 Conference Units which easily meets the demand for temporarily adding speaking units to the system.

Automatic Mixing - The onboard digital audio processor in the MXCW system automatically mixes and manages open microphone channels to optimize acoustic performance and avoid feedback. Users can now operate the microphones without any worries.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Microflex Complete Wireless Microflex Complete Wireless delivers proven Shure wireless reliability for up to 125 units and 8 interpretation channels in off-site meetings, rooms with flexible seating, or historic buildings.