Shure Announces Customization Options For Microflex® Complete (MXC) Digital Conference System

August 6, 2020 Shure Announces Customization Options  For Microflex® Complete (MXC) Digital Conference System

CHICAGO, Aug. 6, 2020 — Government agencies, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations around the world have unique requirements for conferencing systems. Historic and other special environments can pose installation and design constraints, meeting procedures may require a specific control layout, or the hardware’s appearance may need to complement the room’s interior styling.

Today, Shure announced a hardware customization program for the Microflex® Complete (MXC) Digital Conference System that enables the company to respond efficiently to special requests for unique hardware variations. 

Shure’s customized flush-mount conference units are available with a range of options to suit a wide variety of needs and installation scenarios: 

  • Front panels in sizes for user specified dimensions
  • Multiple colors in both brushed and matte finishes, including Black (standard), Aluminum Clearcoat, Bronze, Gold, Grey, Blue, Orange, Red
  • Customer logo and button labels in alternate languages
  • Assortment of features and control layout that match the customer’s meeting procedures
  • Color touch screen that displays meeting information (speaker list, agenda, etc.) and enables control of features (interpretation channel selection, voting, etc.)

“Building on our decades of history in customization and discussion systems, Shure now has honed the process to deliver customized Microflex Complete hardware,” said Rob Smith Senior Director, Shure Systems Sales. “With customization of the latest conferencing products in our portfolio, Shure is fully equipped to address specific needs of end-users around the world.”​

With this program in place, Shure is able to provide customers with a quotation and timeline consistently for all types of projects. 

There are several benefits of a MXC Digital Conference System, including:

  • Integrates anywhere -- With a variety of portable, flush-mounted, and modular conference units, installation is easy, no matter the location.
  • Scalable solution – For the largest conferences with thousands of delegates to smaller configurations in boardrooms or council chambers, it provides sound quality and control for every type of event.
  • Capacity -- Designed for formal meetings with up to 3,800 participants.
  • Control -- Microphones can be controlled by users or by a designated chairperson. Allows voting, agenda, identity verification, speech time control, and more.
  • Global access -- Supports up to 31 interpretation channels for multi-lingual conferences.

More information about the MXC Digital Conference System is available at