Show business is in Shaan’s blood because the voice and personality that have made him star of stage, TV and Bollywood are part of a rich family heritage that includes a lyricist grandfather, musical director father and a singer sister.

As well as being a recording and performing artist, songwriter and TV host, Shaan’s is the voice behind many hit songs in Bengali, Telugu and Tamil films plus the Hollywood blockbuster “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”.

When it comes to getting that hugely-popular voice to his ever-growing audience, Shaan chooses Shure every time.

Just before embarking on a US tour, he said: “I have been using Shure for the last 15 years and soon got to the point where if someone offered me another microphone to use, I’d say ‘no! I want my Shure SM58’. It became my standard.”

He began his career as a child by singing ad jingles, then aired his voice in the 1989 film Parinda, after which he teamed up with sister Sagarika to record albums that included the million-selling “Q Funk” – all before becoming a star in his own right.

During the course of buddying with stars around the world, Shaan’s 2006 album, “Tishnagi” featured collaboration with world-renowned Danish “boy band” Michael Learns to Rock, which has sold more than 11 million records, mainly in Asia.

Winning an army of fans along the way with his humble and sincere nature, Shaan soon found himself at the centre of spectacular stage shows. He could no longer be tethered by a trailing microphone cord, so went wireless.

“Getting into more of a pop act meant there would be dancers and lots of movement, so I quickly moved to Shure’s cordless variety, which made more sense because I then had the freedom to be more energetic,” he said.

As Shaan broadened his career, he looked to Shure for a microphone suited to his maturing vocal talent.

He explained: “I graduated to the KSM9 condenser mic and discovered that the frequencies cut through well and I get a very bright sound. The KSM9 is a very powerful and wonderfully clear mic and I am now totally addicted to it! Shure has a great R&D team that seems to work hard to make their products better every year.”

Shaan’s glittering career has given rise to many top awards that have included best playback singer accolades in the Bollywood Movie Awards and other film awards schemes, the MTV Asia Music Award for best solo album and a best TV music director title for creating the music for his “Lipstick” TV show.

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