Lee Juck is a Korean singer songwriter, debuted in 1995 as a vocalist and lyricist for a duo band, Panic. He is also known as romance solo singer who wrote the songs himself. His gentle voice and emotional lyrics made a lot of hit songs that everyone loved.

He formed several bands and every band that he took part made a plenty of hit songs. Panic, with Jin-Pyo Kim, recorded 4 regular albums including some dreamy songs. His project band, Carnival, released many hit songs and he took part in the Gigs as a vocal part to continue his live performance career. He also released 4 albums as a solo singer and now he is the one of the best.

Lee Juck won many awards whether he was a solo vocalist or not. His band Panic won the Main Award Winner at Golden Disk Awards 1996 and the Carnival won the same award in 1997. Being solo, he won the “Best pop music”, “Best pop album”, “Album of the year”, “Song of the year” at Korea Pop Music Awards 2008 with his third album. Moreover, he won two Performance awards at Grand Mint Festival which represents his talent as a performer.

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