Firmware MXC, DDS5900, DCS6000

Firmware MXC, DDS5900, DCS6000

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Zentrale Kontroll-Einheit DIS-CCU

Die zentrale Kontroll-Einheit DIS-CCU ist eine leistungsfähige, mikroprozessor-basierte Kontroll-Einheit für die DIS Systeme DDS 5900 und DCS 6000. Die Betriebs-Modi umfassen: + Automatic, FIFO (Fist In, First Out), VOX (Voice Activated) und Manuell + 3 Modi zur Unterbrechung des Mikrofonsignals + Bis zu 8 offene Mikrofone gleichzeitig + Automatisches Off (Ausschalten?) von Konferenz-Einheiten als Abhörsicherung



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Release Notes

Version 8.6.0

Release notes cover the following models:

  • MXC615
  • MXC620/620-F
  • MXC630/630-F
  • MXC640


  • This firmware release can be used to update Microflex Complete (MXC), DCS 6000, or DCS 5900 systems using DIS-CCU, CU 5905, CU 6105, or CU 6110 Central Units.
  • Systems using CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • Firmware Upgrade Utility (FUU) v1686, which is included in the release, is required to update MXC devices.

New Features

    • Support for XLR input in the MXCMUI when configured as single unit. The use of this input is configured in the DIS-CCU CGUI. The following audio input options are available in the ‘Devices setup’ screen:
      • Port A
      • XLR – line
      • XLR – mic
    • The following option is available in the ‘Participant’ screen:
      • Audio level adjustment: +10 to -20 dB
    • Note: The Port A loudspeaker output and controls are still active when the MXCMUI is configured with XLR audio in.


  • MXC640
    • Percent indication in voting result screen is now visible when SW6000 is connected
  • DIS-CCU (6000 Mode)
    • The state of enabling/disabling of NFC cards is restored after disconnection of SW6000
    • Diagnostics: Cable length info has been removed from the diagnostic report
    • Diagnostics: Cable break info in the diagnostic event log has been updated to report only one of the units connected to the defective cable

Bug Fixes

    • Diagnostics: Incorrect seat number was reported in the Event log at Cable break
    • Diagnostics: Event log did not work when SW6000 was connected
    • Diagnostics: Fixed an error in cable length in the diagnostic report
    • CCU was wrongly storing users’ speaking rights after closing the CUI
  • MXC630
    • Secret voting - LEDs turned off after casting first vote
    • Attendance button was not blinking after inserting NFC card during attendance session
    • Voting buttons were not blinking after inserting an NFC card during a voting session
  • MXC640
    • "Total" text was not translated for 5-button voting
    • Left button functionality Exclusive was not working
    • The Request icon was cut in the right side
    • Microphone LED was turning off after receiving a “channel occupied” message
    • Two interpreter devices can have same booth and desk number

Known Issues

  • Some units in systems with greater than 150 units may not be shown in the Network Topology report.
  • Some units may reset when cable breaks in a loop on an EX 6010 unit.
  • MXC640
    • Manually entered voting results are not shown if a normal voting session has not been started first
    • The agenda subject name for a manually entered result may be wrong
    • It is not possible to use an MXC640 configured as dual-delegate unit with SW6000 if the use of NFC cards is enabled


  • MXC and DCS 6000 firmware files are packaged together in the same release file.
  • To operate MXC devices with version 8.5.1 with other Shure networked systems, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • SW6000 6.9.11