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Talkin’ Mic Basics with Shure’s Gino Sigismondi: Choosing the Right Mic

Davida Rochman | 19.04.2013
Sometimes people ask us, "Why do you guys make so many different types of microphones?" The answer is: there are many different applications that require different form factors – handheld, headset or stand-mounted and different technologies that produce different sound qualities.

What's the Difference Between the SM58 and the SM57?

Marc Henshall | 10.04.2013
The SM57 & SM58 are both icons in their own right. Your selection is a matter of application. We get to the facts.

What's the Difference Between the SM58 and the Beta58A?

Marc Henshall | 26.03.2013
Both mics are characterized by sound quality and reliable performance; however, there are differences that suit specific applications.

Top Five Microphone Mistakes

Marc Henshall | 22.03.2013
What not to do with your microphone. Here's 5 amusing mic faux pas you should avoid.

Snow Patrol Remix Competition

Shure Incorporated | 14.02.2013
Die Qualität eines richtig gut gemachten Songs zeigt sich manchmal erst, wenn neue Interpretationen von ihm auftauchen.

Die Geschichte des Shure SM7(B)

Paul Crognale | 21.12.2012
Das Shure SM7 ist ein dynamisches Sprechermikrofon und wurde 1976 erstmals vorgestellt. Dieses Mikro, das heute als SM7B erhältlich ist, verfügt über eine beeindruckende Geschichte und hat vor allem in den letzten zwei Jahren eine regelrechte Renaissance erlebt.

How to Choose the Right Microphone

Marc Henshall | 07.12.2012
Have you ever wondered which microphone is best for you? Although it isn't easy to provide a simple answer to this question, there are a few basic points to consider.

SM58 Facts vs. Fiction—Part 4

Davida Rochman | 22.10.2012
Get up close and personal with an SM58, and the sound gets all warm and deep. It's called 'proximity effect'. In this video, Shure's Chad Wiggins explains that this is perfectly normal – and how a savvy singer can use it creatively.

November Webinar: The Story of the SM58

Allison Wolcott | 19.10.2012
Chris Lyons, Technical and Educational Communications Manager, and a panel of SM58 experts will discuss the origins of the SM58 and separate the facts from fiction about this legendary workhorse.

SM58 Facts vs. Fiction—Part 3

Davida Rochman | 15.10.2012
When feedback strikes, the microphone usually takes the rap. But feedback isn't all the mic's fault. In this video, Chad Wiggins comes clean, and reveals that feedback is an acoustic conspiracy.