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Seven Ways to Make Your Earphones Last
There's no expiration date on your earphones and Shure builds them to withstand a beating. Here are some simple steps that will make yours last for years.
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Shure KSE1500 & SHA900 - wie alles begann...
Das elektrostatische Ohrhörer-System KSE1500 und der Kopfhörer-Verstärker SHA900 gelten bei Shure als echter Durchbruch. Hinter den Kulissen lief …
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What's the Difference Between Shure's KSE1500 & SE846 Earphones?
Depending on your requirements the KSE1500 may or may not be the right earphone for you. In this post we'll highlight some differences between our …
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Earphone & Headphone Specifications Explained
Earphones and headphones often come with some fairly intimidating spec sheets. This can make choosing the right model for you a little daunting. …
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How to Properly Fit and Wear Shure Earphones
This brief video will demonstrate how to get the best sound isolation and the most comfortable fit from every Shure earphone.
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High Quality Digital Audio - wo ist denn der Flaschenhals?
Mit dem Erscheinen der CD im Jahre 1982 wurden die audiophilen Hörer in zwei Lager gespalten.
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Why Do My Earphones Lack Bass? How to Fit Shure Earphones Correctly
It's a common misconception that Shure earphones "lack bass". In reality, less than 1% of earphones returned to Shure service for "lack of bass" are …
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How to Clean Shure Earphones
You notice a drop in the sound level of your favorite Shure earphones and it's starting to get worse. Is it the cable?  The drivers? Maybe the sound …
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What's the Difference Between Shure's SE535 & SE846 Earphones?
How different are Shure's SE846 earphones from the previous top of the line - SE535 model. Find out how just how different they are.
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„Ein Kopfhörer mit niedriger Impedanz ist lauter als einer mit hoher Impedanz!“
So hört man das oft – was aber „nur“ ein gesundes Halbwissen widerspiegelt. Wie laut ein Kopfhörer oder Ohrhörer tatsächlich ist wird mit der …
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Open Back vs. Closed Back Headphones
Do you want a private listening experience with some isolation from what's going on around you? Are you a recording engineer or audiophile looking …