ShurePlus Channels - Android





Device Support 

  • Axient® Digital wireless microphone system
  • Axient® wireless microphone system
  • ULX-D® digital wireless microphone system
  • QLX-D® digital wireless microphone system
  • SLX-D digital wireless microphone system
  • PSM®1000 wireless in-ear monitor system
  • UHF-R/MW wireless microphone system

Known Issues 

  • When an Axient Digital receiver mode is changed from different modes (transmission modes, or Quadversity mode, or frequency diversity mode) the application may crash.
  • The application may crash when it is brought to the foreground from the background by using the application icon on the home screen.
  • The application may crash in certain scenarios on an Android 9 OS device.
  • The application may crash if it continues to run while open for over one hour.
  • ULXD4Q receivers’ audio LEDs in the application do not match the hardware’s front panel LEDs during audio overloads while in audio summing modes.
  • ULXD6/ULXD8 battery bars are not displaying in the list view while using AA batteries.
  • In certain scenarios, the Access Control “Enter PIN” dialog does not get dismissed.
  • On firmware version 1.0.13 for SLX-D transmitters, battery type may not persist between power cycles. To resolve, set the battery type again on the transmitter.


  • User Guide
  • Compatible with Android 9.0 and later. We can’t ensure compatibility or full feature functionality with older operating systems.
  • Compatible with most Android phones from Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, and more.
  • Please report problems and submit general feedback through the app (Settings > Help > Report a Problem/General Feedback). This will open your default email application where you can add details about the issue you are experiencing. To send the email requires an active internet connection.
  • An 802.11 or 802.11ac wireless router is recommended for Wi-Fi connection.
  • In order to view the SSID of your network connection type or SSID in the network status bar, you must permit the app access to your location. To do so, go to the Settings app on your Android Phone select Location > App Permissions > Channels, and choose “Allow Only While Using the App”.
  • Wired ethernet connection has been tested with the following adapters:
    • UGREEN Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0 to 10/100 Network RJ45 LAN Wired Adapter
    • INSIGNIA USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    • Nonda USB-A to USB-C Adapter
  • For best results, ensure your connected devices are updated to the latest firmware using the Shure Update Utility desktop app.
  • To operate this version of ShurePlus Channels with other Shure products, reference the following list of minimum versions supported:
    • Axient Digital 1.3.26
    • ULX-D 2.4.25
    • QLX-D 2.4.3
    • SLX-D 1.0.13
    • PSM1000 1.7.10
    • Axient 2.1.11
    • UHF-R 1.171
    • Shure Update Utility 2.6.1
    • Wireless Workbench 6.14.1

Verwandte Produkte

ShurePlus™ Channels

ShurePlus Channels erlaubt die Überwachung bzw. Kontrolle aller relevanten Einstellungen von Funksystemen mittels iOS Geräten.