The DCS-LAN Tool is a desktop application for planning and managing Shure Conference & Discussion Systems. This app allows you to map out complex conference systems before a site visit is practical or visualize and evaluate an existing system installation. The software calculates the power consumption of connected MXC or DCS6000 components, identifying the need for expansion components such as power inserters or expansion units.

The Shure Microflex® Complete Digital Conference System is a versatile and scalable meeting management solution. When planning larger systems, Shure provides DCS-LAN Tool to make design, installation and management easier.

With DCS-LAN Tool you can visualize commissioning a system and import the system topology to visualize what the CCU controls. The DCS-LAN Tool is a standalone application that accurately determines the maximum total cable run from the central control unit to the last conference unit in a chain. In addition, the tool helps determine maximum number of conference units that can be accommodated based on all cable lengths and how many supplementary components like repeaters or power inserters are required to achieve your desired system topology.

After system installation, by importing a system file from the DIS-CCU, DCS-LAN Tool is able to report the lowest and highest current values of the voltage and associated power consumption measurements of the components. The power consumption is affected by the number and type of components used, the cable length from the DIS-CCU central control unit to the last component in each chain, and the cable lengths between each component in the chain. In large systems, DCS-LAN expansion components (like the PI 6000 power inserter or EX 6010 extension unit) may be required. Thishelps in both commissioning and diagnosing any potential faults via a diagnostics file from the CCU to help determine any system shortcomings.

The DCS-LAN Tool takes the guesswork out of planning Microflex Complete (MXC and other legacy Shure conferencing systems).Projects can be saved and a list of components can be exported as a PDF for use in bid quotations, project documentation, or rental gear picking. The Commented [AD1]: and other legacy Shure conferencing systems??
DCS-LAN Tool is intended for use by authorized Shure conference system distributors, installers, and rental partners and is available via the download below.
  • Makes planning new large MXC systems easier particularly cable lengths
  • Streamline system deployment and installation
  • Helps determine any system shortcomings or areas for improvement

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Release Notes

Version 2.0.0


  • DCS-LAN Tool is now a stand-alone application
  • Users can now import diagnostic file from DIS-CCU FW8.1 or later, and visualize the DCS-LAN network topology
  • Supports newer MXC system components (MXCMIU)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved calculations for power consumption using ‘worst case scenarios’ where components utilize the most possible power
  • Utilizes ‘rules’ for JB6104 and connected components (only one discussion unit per port, or up to 4 channel selectors)
  • GUI improvements


  • Users are not yet able to design cable loop topology
  • Diagnostic files with legacy components can yield incorrect topology reports
  • MXCMIU will use its highest power consuming component (MXCMIU-FL) for power estimates