Going Underground at The Famous Gold Watch

Marc Young | 20.09.2021 Going Underground at The Famous Gold Watch

Tucked away in a snug basement in Berlin, THE FAMOUS GOLD WATCH recording studio is an extraordinary place for the German capital’s underground music scene. LOUDER pays a visit to find out what makes it so special.

We spoke to studio boss Cameron Laing about how he created its unique atmosphere, the time legendary producer Sylvia Massy stopped by, and why Alan the Cat is really in charge there.

Shure proudly supports the Famous Gold Watch’s mission and are glad to see our gear used to record so much great music there.

Curious what that’s like? The Estonian singer-songwriter Leelo and her band kindly recorded a live version of her song ‘Good Old Friend’ at the studio for us.

For more info about the studio: www.thefamousgoldwatch.com

Find out more about Leelo: www.leelomusic.com

Marc Young

Marc Young

Marc ist Redakteur mit journalistischem Background und kümmert sich bei Shure um sämtliche Themen rund um Sound. Sein mittelmäßiges Gitarrenspiel versucht er mit hochwertigen schriftlichen Erzeugnissen auszugleichen. Er lebt in Berlin, einer der Top-Städte Europas in Sachen Musik.