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Vintage Shure Catalogs (1933-1985)

Year Type Size Model numbers 1933 Catalog 4.0MB 5N, 11N, 22N, 33N, 42, 99 1935 Catalog 5.7MB 41H, 43D, 43E, 43F, 7...

Why should I use an omnidirectional microphone?

Six Reasons to Use an Omnidirectional Mic instead of a Unidirectional Pity the poor, misunderstood omnidirectional microphone. Though it has many redeeming characteristics, it now plays second violin to the unidirectional mi...

How do I fix my feedback problem?

Feedback: Fact and Fiction One of the most commonly asked questions in professional audio is “What microphone can I use that doesn’t cause feedback?” The answer to the question is, of course, that no such mi...

Benefits of the Beta 87C over the 87A?

The primary difference is the pick-up pattern. The BETA 87A is a supercardioid; the BETA 87C is a cardioid. The 87C was introduced for performers using in-ear monitors. In brief, a cardioid mic is often preferred by in-ear monito...

MXA910 best practices - setup hints

Also see: MXA910/MXA310 Training and Certification The following settings and recommendations are based on extensive experience helping customers tune and commission MXA910 in AV Conference and Voice Lift Systems. Though some of t...

Theater Audio: The Science Behind the Illusion

Theater Sound: The Science Behind the Illusion Have you ever noticed how great Broadway shows sound? Does the rock band in "Rent" get your blood pumping? Do the lyrics to "Memories" get you choked up every...

Beta models vs. SM models

Beta 58A versus SM58: Polar pattern: Beta 58A = supercardioid; SM58 = cardioid Output level: Beta 58A is 4dB hotter than SM58 Handling noise: Beta 58A is quieter than SM58 Grill: Beta 58A has a hardened grill that is very...

High Fidelity Phonograph Cartridge - Technical Seminar

This is a copy of a 1978 technical seminar on phonograph cartridges. Table of Contents Introduction - "Integrated System Design: A New Concept in Phonograph Cartridges" by J. H. Kogen The Stylus Tip and Record...

Educational Articles - Online booklets and bulletins

Educational Articles Expand your knowledge and get the most out of your equipment. PDF ARTICLES Antenna Set-up for Wireless Systems These recommendations are useful guidelines to help achieve satisfactory pe...

Beta 57A and Beta 58A Comparison

The form factor of the mics is different; basically, the grille and the label. The different grilles make the response of these two microphones slightly different in the higher frequencies. In addition, the Beta 57A grille allows...

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