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Hum in a Hi-Fi System or Turntable

SOURCES OF HUM It is difficult to answer the question "What makes my hi-fi system hum?" because there are many possible causes. However, the cures are simple and will eliminate hum in many cases when the outline ...

Color code for phono cartridge wiring

The color code below applies to the majority of turntables and tone arms: Left = white wire Left Ground = blue wire Right = red wire Right Ground = green wire Be certain to check your turntable user guide to confirm ...

Vintage Shure Catalogs (1933-1985)

Year Type Size Model numbers 1933 Catalog 4.0MB 5N, 11N, 22N, 33N, 42, 99 1935 Catalog 5.7MB 41H, 43D, 43E, 43F, 7...

Stylus Wear and Record Wear

In 1954, a booklet was published on this subject.  It has been out of print for decades.  Shure Applications Engineering found a copy and is making it available in this FAQ. The original text has been edited and condens...

Phono cartridge alignment gauge - how to use and how to make your own

The gauge aligns the cartridge/stylus so that the stylus tip contacts the walls of the record groove at the proper angle.  Attached below is a PDF file of the gauge.  It can be printed and glued to thin cardboard if you...

Which phono cartridge will fit my turntable?

Matching a cartridge to a turntable requires:  1) The tone arm mounting method for the cartridge; 2) The tone arm tracking force range. 95% of the time the cartridge mount will be one of two types: 1) Standard Moun...

High Fidelity Phonograph Cartridge - Technical Seminar

This is a copy of a 1978 technical seminar on phonograph cartridges. Table of Contents Introduction - "Integrated System Design: A New Concept in Phonograph Cartridges" by J. H. Kogen The Stylus Tip and Record...

Timetable/history of the V15 cartridge models

A brief history of the V15: V15 1964-1966 V15 Type II 1966-1970 V15 Type II Improved 1970-1973 V15 Type III 1973-1978 V15 Type IV 1978-1982 V15 Type V 1982-1983 V15 Type V-MR 1983-1993 V15 Type VxMR 1996-2005 ...

Testing a phono cartridge body

Using an ohmmeter, you can check the continuity of a Shure phono cartridge body. 1. Remove any wires connected to the cartridge. You will test at the pins on the rear of the cartridge. 2. Set the ohmmeter so it can read...

Phono Cartridge Troubleshooting

Failure of a phono cartridge is rare as there are only a few components inside of the body.  There is a coil of wire for the left channel.  There is a coil of wire for the right channel.  There are t...

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