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Should I match impedances of my microphone to my mixer?

Impedance Matching for Microphones - Is It Necessary? What is impedance? Impedance is how much a device resists the flow of an AC signal, such as audio. Impedance is similar to resistance which is how much a device...

UHF-R, WWB and Mac - App Nap

It is likely that WWB is being "put to sleep" by the App Nap that is built into Mavericks. When you switch away from the Desktop containing WWB6 for awhile, the OS thinks you aren't using it and therefore WWB6 goes into a standb...

Wireless Workbench 6 install help with Mac OSX Mavericks

Apple Mavericks OS has a securirty feature called "Gatekeeper", which attempts to prevent the operation of software that wasn't purchased through the App Store. This feature can be skirted, or turned off completely. See the fol...

Video - Wireless Work Bench 6 Introduction

MXA910, MXW enabling AES67

AES67 for the MXA910 or MXW is setup from within Dante Controller (version 3.10 or higher). While this FAQ steps through the MXA910, instructions for the MXW (Microflex Wireless) are the same. Update the MXA910 to the lates...

RMCE-BT1 Reset and Troubleshooting

We're sorry to hear about your troubles pairing your RMCE-BT1 to your devices. We suggest you try following our reset procedure here: On your phone or computer, "forget" the device. Power down the BT-1 and plug it into the cha...

Custom molds for earphones: how to, what, and where?

Custom sleeves offer the ultimate in personal fit, and in some cases offer even better sound isolation than the universal sleeves included with Shure in ear monitors. Note that custom molds are unique to your ear canal AND unique...

CR81 and other OEM Models - Hercules or Rex

This microphone was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) model, i.e., Shure made the microphone for another equipment manufacturer. The CR81 was a Controlled Reluctance (Magnetic), high-impedance (14k ohm) model, light b...

P4800 RS232 Codes - AMX / Crestron Subprograms

The RS232 codes can be found in the following document: P4800 RS232 Commands and Connection Instructions AMX The zipped file contains AMX library files as well as documentation. AMX Files (zip file) Crestron...

A910-JB pictures and dimensions

The knockouts are for standard 1/2" and 3/4" conduit.

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