How do I set up the Axient Digital to have control from Yamaha console?

FAQ #5487 Updated November 15, 2018


How do I set up the Axient Digital wireless receiver to have control from the Yamaha QL/CL Consoles?


  1. Set the Axient Digital receiver to Yamaha Mode.
    1. Click the scroll wheel and select Device Configuration, then Device Audio, then Dante Names, then Dante Device Name.
    2. Change Mode to Yamaha.
    3. Change Name to Y001 or a subsequent number if that is already assigned. Each receiver must have a unique number.
  2. Verify Network Configuration on the Axient Digital receiver.
    1. Click the scroll wheel on the Axient Digital receiver and select Device Configuration, then Network Configuration, then press the Setup button.
      1. If the receiver is in Switched mode then connect one Ethernet cable from any of the switch ports on the back of the receiver to the same switch/network as the Yamaha console. Proceed to step 3.
      2. If the receiver is in Split/Redundant mode then connect two cables on the rear of the receiver as follows: An Ethernet cable from one of the Ctrl ports (left side) and another cable from the Dante1 port (right side). These 2 cables will connect to the same switch/network as the Yamaha console. This will bridge Control and Dante data onto the same subnet as the Yamaha console, allowing Control data and audio to pass.
      3. Finally, when in Split/Redundant mode, verify that the Shure Control and Dante Primary IP addresses are on the same subnet. Example screenshot below. If Dante audio redundancy is needed on AD receivers then the Dante2 port on the receiver can be connected to a redundant audio network on a different subnet.
  3. Verify Network Configuration on the Yamaha Console.
    1. If running the Yamaha console in Redundant mode, then connect the Primary port of the console to the same network switch as the AD receivers. If the Yamaha is in Daisy Chain mode then either port can be connected.
  4. Follow Yamaha’s procedures for mounting wireless receivers.
    1. Verify that the Yamaha console is on firmware version 5.0.0 or newer. This version is compatible with Axient Digital receivers.
    2. On the Yamaha console, make sure the IP address in the FOR DEVICE CONTROL tab (which should be the same subnet as your Axient Digital receivers) of the NETWORK SETUP window is in a different subnet to the IP address used in FOR MIXER CONTROL. Otherwise the device control will not work.
    3. For example, if DEVICE CONTROL is set to 169.254.*.*, then it is safe to use the default setting of for MIXER CONTROL. 169.254.*.* should not be used for both.
    4. Reboot the Yamaha console after making network and console / receiver changes in order for the devices to show as “Controllable”.


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