Earphone model number identification by photo

FAQ #3740 Updated July 22, 2014


I have Shure earphones, but I don't know the model number. How can I identify them?


Some Shure earphones have the model number laser etched into the 1/8" connector. The following photos also identify the earphones. Many earphones were available in multiple colors, so look at the style and shape of the photos, rather than just color. Certain earphones that look identical had several model numbers.


Model Number Picture
E2, E2c, SCL2 Image Image
E3, E3c, SCL3 Image Image
E4, E4c, SCL4 Image Image
E5, E5c, SCL5 Image
SE110 Image
SE112 Image
SE115 Image Image Image Image
SE210 Image Image
SE215 Image Image Image
SE310 Image Image
SE315 Image Image
SE420 Image Image
SE425 Image Image
E500, SE530 Image
SE535 Image Image Image
SE846 Image



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