Microflex® Advance™ Conference Room Audio

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Microflex® Advance

Best-in-class ceiling & table array microphones for AV Conferencing

Amazing Audio for
Stunning Spaces.

Corporate AV conferencing often happens in spaces with premium visual aesthetics and poor audio quality. With Microflex® Advance Ceiling and Table Array Microphones, Shure combines the trusted quality of Microflex Microphones with a best-in-class level of flexibility, technology and control. The result is unmatched “invisible audio” for elite AV conferencing environments.

Groundbreaking accuracy in audio capture with proprietary Steerable Coverage. The elegance of Dante Networked Audio. Seamless, browser-based control that offers easy integration with existing AV/IT infrastructure.

With Microflex Advance, installers don’t have to compromise room aesthetics for audio quality. And IT professionals don’t have to be audio experts to deliver expert audio.

Hardware & Software

MXA910 Ceiling Array MXA310 Table Array ANI4IN ANI4OUT Browser-based Control Software Network Switch Video Codec Analog Microphones Loudspeakers Display Dante Signal Analog Signal Control Signal Far End Connection Room A Signal Room B Signal


Ceiling Array Microphone

Features Steerable Coverage of up to 8 separate lobes to capture sound sources from above more accurately than any other product. Automatic positioning tool in control software easily adjusts lobes toward each talker’s voice. Intuitive user interface offers easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns. Learn more →

See the MXA910 in action.

View MXA910 Software Demo

  • LED color options
  • Available in 2 standard ceiling grid sizes
    (609.6 mm × 609.6 mm & 600 mm × 600 mm)
  • Below-ceiling [free air] mounting option via standard VESA-D mounting plate and wire rope
  • Plenum rated: certified compliant with the UL2043 standard
  • Built-in mechanical vibration isolation
  • Clear indication of Mute status via LED
3 Colors (white, black, aluminum), all paintable
3 Colors (white, black, aluminum)


Table Array Microphone

Features Steerable Coverage of 4 separate polar patterns, plus the new toroid polar pattern, which rejects overhead HVAC and fan noise. Intuitive user interface allows for easy configuration of presets, templates and polar patterns. Learn more →

See the MXA310 in action.

View MXA310 Software Demo

  • LED color options (hover to view)
  • Discreet table array integrates easily into your room design
  • Programmable Mute switch offers easy control by the device or third-party system
  • LEDs clearly indicate Mute status


Audio Network Interface

Offering easy audio routing and browser-based control software. Available with block or XLR connectors.

Learn more about ANI4IN and ANI4OUT.

  • ANI4IN converts up to 4 mic/line analog signals onto a Dante network
  • Block connector version of ANI4IN features LED and Mute Switch pins for logic-enabled analog microphones, including MX395 and MX396
  • ANI4OUT converts a Dante digital audio signal to up to 4 mic/line analog signals

Shure DSP Utilities

Both the ceiling and table array include an expanded suite of proprietary DSP tools that optimize voice quality by reducing room noise and improving speech intelligibility.

Steerable Coverage

Configure and control incredibly accurate polar patterns captured from participants in any location of a meeting space. Preconfigured templates in the control software simplify setup.

Automatic Mixing

Increases presence and reduces noise pickup and transmission. This yields improved clarity, intelligibility and seamless interaction between conference sites.

Echo Reduction

Employs a simple, reliable way of reducing acoustic echo by preventing far end participants from activating local microphone channels. Echo Reduction is very effective as a front end to codecs with single channel AEC. Ceiling array only.

Parametric Equalization (PEQ)

Each ceiling array and ANI4 channel features a 4-band PEQ for the precise control of sound. Table arrays feature a 4-band PEQ that is assignable to any channel including the automatic mixer output channel.



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