Advanced Wireless Seminars

The Shure Advanced Wireless Seminar teaches how to use multi-channel wireless microphones and wireless monitoring systems, or enhance your existing knowledge of these complex systems.

The Advanced Wireless Seminar features classroom instruction on the following:

Advanced RF Theory 

  • Radio wave properties and behavior
  • Wireless microphone characteristics
  • Interference issues caused by multiple wireless systems 

Critical success factors for operating wireless systems in hostile RF environments

  • FCC Spectrum Allocations
  • Avoiding TV interference
  • DTV and 700 MHz auctions
  • The "White Spaces" issue

Design, install, and operation of multiple wireless systems

  • Shure Wireless Workbench® Tutorial
  • Advanced frequency coordination
  • Effective antenna management including: selection and placement, cables and amplifiers, proper distribution and combing
  • Troubleshooting techniques

Who Should Attend

Intermediate and Advance level course for System Designers, Installation Teams, Rental/Staging Teams, Production Crews, and End Users who specify or operate multiple wireless systems in challenging RF environments.

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