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Carrier for two AA Cells / Batteries

This accessory secures two AA cells (batteries) into the battery compartment of the ULXD1, PR9RA, P10R, and UR5.  Some brands of AA cells have slightly smaller dimensions than others. This plastic carrier properly positions ...

UR5 receiver and SBC200 Charger

Sorry, the answer is no.  For recharging, remove the battery pack from the UR5, then place the battery pack into the SBC200. (The purpose of the UR5 external battery contacts is for providing DC power from an outside sou...

UR5 Power and Current Draw

With the display light off, and using two AA cells, the nominal current draw is 210 mA, or 0.210 amp.    Using Ohms law:  3 volts x .210 amp = 0.63 watts

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