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Technical differences between ULXD, QLXD, PGXD, and GLXD

Frequency Band PGX-D: 902-928 MHz* GLX-D: 2.4 GHz QLX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* ULX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* *Country Dependent Maximum Simultaneous Systems Under Optimal Conditions PGX-D: 5 GLX-D: 4 GLX-D Adv...

Understanding Dante Flows

In order to answer this question, it's important to understand the concept of Dante flows. Whenever an audio channel is routed from one Dante device to another, a "flow" is created. Each Dante flow can contain up to 4 audio ...

ULXD v2 Firmware Update and Issues

IMPORTANT ULX-D 2.X firmware versions are incompatible with 1.X firmware versions. To ensure all receivers and transmitters in a configuration function with each other, update all devices to the same firmware version. New...

Disqualified Network Switches for Shure Dante Devices

In addition to the network switches mentioned in Audinate’s “list of incompatible, unmanaged switches with Energy Efficient Ethernet,” the following switches are not compatible with Shure Dante enabled devices. Netgear All ProSaf...

ULXD Antenna Cascade

The recommendation is two units.  This applies to the ULXD dual receiver (ULXD4D) and the ULXD quad receiver (ULXD4Q).  The antennas connect into receiver unit #1 and cascade into receiver unit #2. The cascaded uni...

Firmware Update for ULX-D transmitters

You can update ULXD1 and ULXD2 transmitter firmware in the field. First, make certain that the receiver firmware is the same as the transmitter firmware that is being hosted in the receiver so the proper version is being s...

QLX-D and ULX-D Network Scan

No. QLX-D receivers linked as network can do a network frequency scan; same for linked ULX-D receivers. But a network frequency scan will not work for QLX-D receivers linked to ULX-D receivers

ULX-D and QLX-D Automatic Gain Ranging

ULX-D and QLX-D utilize digital radio transmission that provides superb audio quality and robust RF performance.  Among the unique features is Automatic Gain Ranging - a most useful function for the user.  In the w...

Four UA864 or UA870 with a ULXD receiver

Sometimes, in a wireless mic installation it is necessary to combine antennas from multiple rooms, such as shown at: Antenna Distribution - 2 rooms, 4 antennas There was an issue (now resolved) when connecting...

Wireless microphones for conference rooms

Our QLXD, ULXD or MXW series would be appropriate for your application.  Next, you need to determine which type of microphone you want. If you want a boundary microphone, look at the MXW6 with the MXW wireless system, o...

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