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Setting Sensitivity and Gain on the UR1 Bodypack Transmitter

The UR1 bodypack transmitter features an audio input that can be configured for many different audio sources. Lavalier microphones, headworn microphones, passive guitar pickups, guitars with active electronics, keyboards, etc. ar...

Best practices for UHF-R Series wireless systems

UHF-R Series: Best Practices for a Successful Event Preparation: Identify the city and state (or zip code ) of your event. Use this information on the Shure Frequency Reference Guide at: www.shure....

Battery life of UHF-R transmitters

What is the expected battery life of the UR1 and UR2 transmitter? With the use of two AA alkaline batteries, the battery life for the UHF-R UR1/UR2 transmitters in low power output mode is rated at 7.5 to 9.5 hours. The battery...

Antenna tip color for bodypacks

Tip Color Frequency Range UR Frequency Band Axient Digital Frequency Band Model Yellow 470 - 530 MHz G...

UR4+ receiver vs. UR4 receiver

The UR4S+ and the UR4D+ were introduced in August 2010. These models will replace the UR4S and the UR4D. (Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade/modify a UR4S into a UR4S+, or to upgrade/modify a UR4D into a UR4D+.)The ne...

Frequency chart for UHF-R in the USA

G1 = 470 to 530 MHz; U.S. TV channels 14 thrugh 23 H4 = 518 to 578 MHz; U.S. TV channels 22 through 31 J5 = 578 to 638 MHz; U.S. TV channels 32 through 41 L3 = 638 to 698 MHz; U.S. TV channels 42 through 51 X1 = 944...

UR4D receiver and AC Power Interconnection

The maximum recommended number is five UR4D receivers.   The first UR4D receiver connects to an AC outlet with its power cord.  The remaining four UR4D receivers are interconnected using the short AC power jumper c...

Point to point (PTP) mode on P10T

In the AUDIO menu, choose MODE, then select PTP. This mode allows the P10T to transmit to a UR4 receiver in the same frequency range.

Unlock UR4 Receiver

From the front panel of the receiver, choose the UTIL menu, then choose LOCK. Rotate the dial so that the lock if OFF. Press the ENTER button to save your settings.

Does ShurePlus Channels work with UHF-R?

Yes. Version 1.2 (released in November 2015) added support for UHF-R.

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