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SBC800 - blinking yellow LED

The blinking yellow LED indicates that the SB900 battery has been  placed in the charger incorrectly.  The battery is positioned "backwards."  That is, the label is still facing up but the orien...

SB900 Battery Pack versus AA alkaline cells

This answer was created in May 2012, and is based on these assumptions: a) Price of a single AA alkaline cell is $0.50 in the United States. b) Retail price of the SB900 is $118 in the United States. c) Cost of the ...

SB900 Life Cycles

An accurate estimate is elusive as it depends upon multiple variables, such as storage temperature, storage capacity, actual usage, etc.  Shure estimates that a single SB900 may have a maximum of up to 500 pro-rated cycles.&...

SB900A battery used with SBRC Rack Recharger

Yes. Required is the SBRC rack charging station frame, and the SBC-AX charging module for the SB900A. The SBC-AX module holds two SB900A batteries. Up to four SBC-AX modules fit into the SBRC.

SBC-DC Battery Eliminator

We do offer the SBC-DC battery eliminator. It can be used with the P9RA, P10R, QLXD1,ULXD1, AD1, and UR5.

SB900 Charging Time and Data

Full Charge: within three hours or 50% charge in one hour Battery Life Accuracy: within ±15min Battery Statistics: % Health, % Charge, Number of Cycles, Temperature Lithium-Ion chemistry with zero memory eff...

P10R current draw

Make certain the P10R is in "Standard Gain" mode. The "High Gain" mode increases the current draw. Driving the headphone amp harder will increase the current draw. Make certain you are feeding the tr...

Health and lifetime of Shure rechargeable batteries

The following graph answers this question best. We are still in process of cycling these batteries and update this graph regularly. This is a small sample size and there will be variation in individual batteries, as well as other...

UR5 receiver and SBC200 Charger

Sorry, the answer is no.  For recharging, remove the battery pack from the UR5, then place the battery pack into the SBC200. (The purpose of the UR5 external battery contacts is for providing DC power from an outside sou...

SB900 Date Code

As of November 2012: The manufacture date of the SB900 (ULXD1, ULXD2, P9RA, P10R), AXT910 (Axient beltpack), and AXT920 (Axient handheld) rechargeable battery pack is in the serial number.  The first four digi...

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