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Pin-out for Shure bodypack transmitters and preamps - TA4M / TA4F

Product Model Wiring Wireless bodypack transmitters - all models with TA4M connectors MX1BP Battery/Phantom Preamplifier RK183PK Microflex Prea...

SM35-XLR preamp and connectors

The preamp is the RPM626; it requires phantom power to operate. The RPM626 input connector is a TA4M - the same connector used on most Shure bodypack transmitters.  Thus, the cable from the mic terminates in a TA4F conn...

SM91 preamp replacement

The original preamp assembly supplied with the SM91/SM98 was a small die-cast rectangular box with a 3-pin male mini connector on the microphone input side and a 3-pin male XLR connector on the audio output side. The box had a co...

PGA98H-TQG used as a wired mic

Obtain the Shure RPM626 preamp and connect the PGA98H-TQG to it.  To operate, this preamp requires phantom power.

RPM626 improved headroom

In the spring of 2012, a running change was made to the RPM626 inline preamp - the headroom was increased by 6 dB.  The improved preamp design can be identified by a blue dot between the words "SHURE" and "BET...

Using the WB98H/C as a wired mic

It is essential to use the RPM626 preamp with the WB98H/C for wired operation. The mic mixer must provide phantom power in order to operate the RPM626. The RPM626 converts the mic element signal (unbalanced and medium impedance) ...

Beta 53 in-line preamp?

Use the RPM626 in-line preamp. It requires 11-52 volts of phantom power for operation.

WBH53 - Using it as a hard-wired mic

The WBH53 must be connected to a Shure "preamp", like the RPM628, in order to be used as a wired mic. The RPM626 provides several vital functions: Converts the unbalanced audio signal from the mic element in...

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