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Pin-out for Shure bodypack transmitters and preamps - TA4M / TA4F

Product Model Wiring Wireless bodypack transmitters - all models with TA4M connectors MX1BP Battery/Phantom Preamplifier RK183PK Microflex Prea...

MX150B/C-TQG as a wired mic

It requires more than an adaptor; it requires an inline preamp model RK100PK. RK100PK requires phantom power to operate. MX150 accessories Purchase the RK100PK from Shure Parts: 800-516-2525.

MX150 Accessories

Multi-position Tie Clip - black: RPM150TC (package of 3) Snap-fit Windscreen - black: RPM150WS (package of 3) Storage Pouch - black: WA150 In-line Preamp for use as a wired mic: RK100PK Four-pin TA4F connector: WA330 No...

MX391 with 3 pin mini connector - Model 700623-002

That was an OEM microphone that we made for Intel. The connector on it was specialized to Intel. Follow these instructions to connect this microphone to a normal XLR input on a mixer: 1) Cut off the 3-pin mini connector. ...

RK100PK Preamp with other Shure or Countryman microphones

Unfortunately, the answer can be "No." Here are the technical details. In late 2006, the MX202 and MX391 microphone preamplifier (model RK100PK) electronics was redesigned to eliminate interference from GSM devices, including ...

Function of RK100PK in-line preamp

If the MX150 is to be used as a wired mic, the RK100PK must be employed. The RK100PK requires phantom power to operate.  Phantom power is provided by the mic mixer. The RK100PK converts the mic element signal ...

RK100PK Dimensions And Data

Length: 4 inches Diameter: 3/4 inch Input: 4 pin male TA4M connector Output: 3 pin male XLR connector Color: black Phantom Power Requirements: 12 to 48 Vdc Gain from Input to Output: 12dB Gain Modification: 0dB can...

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