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Technical differences between ULXD, QLXD, PGXD, and GLXD

Frequency Band PGX-D: 902-928 MHz* GLX-D: 2.4 GHz QLX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* ULX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* *Country Dependent Maximum Simultaneous Systems Under Optimal Conditions PGX-D: 5 GLX-D: 4 GLX-D Adv...

QLX-D Antenna Distribution

It is the same as with ULX-D single receivers.  Use the UA844+SWB RF distribution amplifier, UA221 RF splitter/combiner, etc. See our online Wireless Accessory Wizard. Note: Unlike the ULXD4, the QLXD4 does NOT provide ...

Info on QLXD v2 firmware

Version 2 Firmware for QLXD was introduced in January 2017. Why was this firmware update implemented? Digital wireless customers have encountered issues of compromised sound quality and signal deterioration. These issues h...

QLX-D and ULX-D Network Scan

No. QLX-D receivers linked as network can do a network frequency scan; same for linked ULX-D receivers. But a network frequency scan will not work for QLX-D receivers linked to ULX-D receivers

ULX-D and QLX-D Automatic Gain Ranging

ULX-D and QLX-D utilize digital radio transmission that provides superb audio quality and robust RF performance.  Among the unique features is Automatic Gain Ranging - a most useful function for the user.  In the w...

Wireless microphones for conference rooms

Our QLXD, ULXD or MXW series would be appropriate for your application.  Next, you need to determine which type of microphone you want. If you want a boundary microphone, look at the MXW6 with the MXW wireless system, o...

Wireless system for bass guitar

For bass guitar, we recommend the QLXD, ULXD, PGXD, or GLXD system. These digital systems have excellent frequency response for bass or guitar.   However, make certain to audition any wireless system before you buy i...

Antenna tip color for bodypacks

Tip Color Frequency Range UR Frequency Band Axient Digital Frequency Band Model Yellow 470 - 530 MHz G...

Will a QLX-D transmitter work with a ULX-D receiver and vice versa?

Yes, but both devices must have the same operating frequency band, such as G50.  Group and Channel settings within the frequency band are the same for ULX-D and QLX-D. The Group and Channel number for each device have t...

High school football stadium wireless mic

Installing a wireless mic for a high school football stadium has some challenges, but following recommended guidelines, most installations are successful. First is the choice of wireless system. The receiver that is selected...

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