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Can I use more than one PSM receiver with just one transmitter?

Yes, you can use as many PSM receivers as you want to pick up the signal that a PSM transmitter is broadcasting. All the receivers will need to operate on the same frequency as the transmitter. All the receivers will pick up the ...

Point to point wireless using a Shure PSM system

Point to Point Wireless Audio Systems   Introduction Often it is desirable (or even mandatory) to send an audio signal from one fixed location to another fixed location without wires. This is termed "point-t...

Antenna tip color for bodypacks

Tip Color Frequency Range UR Frequency Band Axient Digital Frequency Band Model Yellow 470 - 530 MHz G...

PSM 900 vs PSM 1000 - primary differences

Here are the primary differences: PSM1000 - tuning range is 72 MHz (36 MHz - PSM900) PSM1000 - dual transmitter (P10T) in one chassis PSM1000 - receiver (P10R) has antenna diversity (non-diversity - PSM900) ...

WWB6 ports and protocol information

AXT400, AXT600, AXT610, AXT630/631, AXT900, P10T, ULXD4, ULXD4D, ULXD4Q, AD4D, AD4Q, AD610, SBRC, SBC220, SBC240, SBC840, SBC840M - Main processor Port TCP/UDP Protocol Description ...

Point to point (PTP) mode on P10T

In the AUDIO menu, choose MODE, then select PTP. This mode allows the P10T to transmit to a UR4 receiver in the same frequency range.

Why does the P10T have two antenna outputs and not a summed output?

The P10T is actually two individual transmitters contained within a single housing. So all the RF components are discreet and independent of one another. Providing a single mixed output, without adding any loss, would require the...

Extra Battery Terminals ULXD1, P9RA, P10R, UR5

The extra contacts only support functionality of the optional SB900A Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. The battery microcontroller communications terminal (on the left) provides the "time remaining" information tha...

Carrier for two AA Cells / Batteries

This accessory secures two AA cells (batteries) into the battery compartment of the ULXD1, PR9RA, P10R, and UR5.  Some brands of AA cells have slightly smaller dimensions than others. This plastic carrier properly positions ...

P10R current draw

Make certain the P10R is in "Standard Gain" mode. The "High Gain" mode increases the current draw. Driving the headphone amp harder will increase the current draw. Make certain you are feeding the tr...

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