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P9T Rack Mount Hardware

RPW503 - Single rack mount kit RPW504 - Dual rack mount kit (two P9T units in one rack space) Available from Shure Parts and Service.  The P9T has the same chassis as these other Shure units: BLX4R P3T P...

Point to point wireless with P9T transmitter and SLX4 receiver

WIRELESS POINT-TO-POINT AUDIO USING AN SLX4 RECEIVER Certain sound system applications require sending audio from a central location to one or more remote locations without using cable. Various combinations of wireless micro...

Point to point wireless with UHF-R receiver and P9T transmitter

This can be accomplished by utilizing the P9T transmitter and a UR4 receiver; both are AC powered, may be rack mounted, and may be used with remote antennas. The P9T and UR4 are tunable in 25kHz steps throughout their operating f...

P9T to BLX4R - Point to Point Wireless?

Sorry, there is not. There is no method of defeating tone-key squelch in the BLX4R receiver. This is required for point to point operation. Options for point-to-point are the UHFR4 (all models) with the P9T; or ULX...

P9T Transmitter Audio Level LED Meter

With the P9T set to: Line Input +4dBu; Input Level -16dB, the chart provides the corresponding signal levels. LED # Input Level ...

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