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P9RA versus P9R - what are the differences?

Introduced in October 2011 and replacing the P9R, the P9RA has new features and improvements: Improved separation in Mix Mode: Channel to channel separation in P9RA Mix Mode is approximately 60dB.  In the P9R, it was...

Current draw for P9R and P9RA

Nominal idle current draw: P9R = 250 mA with display lit;  230 mA with display dark P9RA = 220 mA with display lit;  200 mA with display dark All of the above can vary by plus/minus 15 mA. For the P9R an...

PSM 900 CueMode - Memory?


P9R Battery Life and Earphones

Yes, as the impedance of earphones gets lower, the battery life gets shorter. Earphones with an impedance of 8 ohms will drain the battery faster that earphones with an impedance of 64 ohms.  As the load impedance ...

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