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Batteries and wireless microphones

Batteries and Wireless Microphones Benjamin Franklin first coined the term "battery" during his famous electrical experiments. Then around 1800, Alessandro Volta, a professor of natural philosophy at the University ...

SBC200-US Battery Charger power supply

The model SBC200-US includes a PS45 power supply. Up to three additional SBC200 battery chargers can be daisy-chained to the SBC200-US. There could be additional letters after "PS45" depending upon the country....

ULX and rechargeable batteries

The primary reason that we don't recommend 9-volt-size rechargeable batteries is that the operating time is usually too short for many purposes. The capacity of the typical 8.4V or 9.6V NiMH battery is only about 150mAh. When...

Rechargeable Lithium Nine Volt (9V) Batteries

Shure has tested rechargeable lithium batteries from: iPowerUS Toll-free in US: 866-436-4400 Telephone: 416-269-4400  The model C2 battery was tested in a Shure ULX transmitter and...

My wireless microphone eats batteries

It is rare for a wireless transmitter to be defective in a manner that would consume a fresh battery in one hour. If that were the case, the battery would be quite warm to the touch when removed from the transmitter. Here are the...

SBC800 - blinking yellow LED

The blinking yellow LED indicates that the SB900 battery has been  placed in the charger incorrectly.  The battery is positioned "backwards."  That is, the label is still facing up but the orien...

SB900 Battery Pack versus AA alkaline cells

This answer was created in May 2012, and is based on these assumptions: a) Price of a single AA alkaline cell is $0.50 in the United States. b) Retail price of the SB900 is $118 in the United States. c) Cost of the ...

SB900 Life Cycles

An accurate estimate is elusive as it depends upon multiple variables, such as storage temperature, storage capacity, actual usage, etc.  Shure estimates that a single SB900 may have a maximum of up to 500 pro-rated cycles.&...

GLXD6 lithium battery charge time

From the User Guide - full battery charge using an AC power source will take around 3 hours.  Flashing Green likely indicates a battery that will not reach 100% charge, but is over 90% charge.  See below: ...

Measuring current draw of battery powered transmitter or receiver

Here are step by step instructions: Determine the proper current consumption (draw) for your product. Look in the User Guide for this specification or contact Shure Applications Engineering. For this example, assume the d...

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