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Multiple mics into one receiver?

Every transmitter must operate on its own frequency. That means there must be a corresponding receiver for each individual transmitter. That receiver must also be on the same frequency. It is possible to design systems that house...

Wireless Workbench 6 install help with Mac OSX Mavericks

Apple Mavericks OS has a securirty feature called "Gatekeeper", which attempts to prevent the operation of software that wasn't purchased through the App Store. This feature can be skirted, or turned off completely. See the fol...

Headphone audio output to Wireless Bodypack

As of August 2012, a custom 3.5mm (1/8") TRS plug to TA4F cable is offered by T.C. Furlong Pro Audio: - Phone: 847-367-9588 The cable is available with straight or right-angle plugs, and in custom lengths u...

Reserved TV channels and registering wireless mics

Background After the 700 MHz auction in 2009, many unoccupied TV channels are shared between wireless microphones and white space devices (WSD's). A WSD can only transmit on TV channels that are unassigned to a TV station ...

How do I connect a Sennheiser MKE2 to a Shure bodypack?

DISCLAIMER: This bulletin was written with information provided by Sennheiser. Shure is not responsible for damage caused to a Sennheiser microphone if this circuit proves incorrect. There are two methods to wire a Sennheiser...

Custom finish or paint job for a microphone

Shure offers custom colors and finishes for the BLX2 and GLXD2 handheld transmitters: Shure Design Studio For other products, Crystal Roc in England that provides custom finishes on microphones, guitars, and other musical in...

Remote Antennas for UHF-R, BLX4R, SLX, ULX, QLX-D or ULX-D Receivers

Remote Antennas for UHF Wireless Microphones Click here for an online remote antenna tool. Antennas are described in terms of the signal wavelength they are designed to pick up. The antenna supplied with Shure...

FCC Reallocation of 698 to 806 MHz in the United States

The FCC conducted spectrum auctions in the 700 MHz band (actually 698-806 MHz). The auctions were conducted in two phases, dividing the spectrum into two groups, "upper" and "lower" 700 MHz bands. Additionally, a portion of the 7...

WWB6 displays dashes on receiver screen

No. Part of the utility of Wireless Workbench is that it calculates frequencies without regard for the pre-programmed Groups and Channels that are stored on the receivers. Groups and Channels are really just a small subset of the...

WWB6 using a wireless router

In general: (PC - means Mac or Windows - the personal computer running WWB) Setup the "wired" network first and confirm that WWB is working on the wired network first. This eliminates basic setup issues. Next, disable WiF...

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