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Reserved TV channels and registering wireless mics

Background After the 700 MHz auction in 2009, many unoccupied TV channels are shared between wireless microphones and white space devices (WSD's). A WSD can only transmit on TV channels that are unassigned to a TV station ...

Notch Filter Allows for Best In-Ear Monitor Mix Ever!

Notch Filter Allows for Best In-Ear Monitor Mix Ever! Many microphones and most circuitry used in the reproduction of audio signals have a bandwidth of 20 kHz (20 Hz – 20 kHz) or more. Digital devices operating at a sampling ra...

FCC Reallocation of 698 to 806 MHz in the United States

The FCC conducted spectrum auctions in the 700 MHz band (actually 698-806 MHz). The auctions were conducted in two phases, dividing the spectrum into two groups, "upper" and "lower" 700 MHz bands. Additionally, a portion of the 7...

Can I use more than one PSM receiver with just one transmitter?

Yes, you can use as many PSM receivers as you want to pick up the signal that a PSM transmitter is broadcasting. All the receivers will need to operate on the same frequency as the transmitter. All the receivers will pick up the ...

When to change earphone sleeves

It is quite simple. Being inherently frugal, I wash my sleeves on a regular basis, using warm water and a little Dawn dishwashing liquid. I rinse them thoroughly, pat them dry with a paper towel, and let them air dry overnight. ...

Mix mode impacts volume significantly

Stereo Mode, if operating properly, should not cause a significant drop in level. However, there is a psycho-acoustic effect. In Mix Mode, you hear the same signal in both ears, thus it will sound louder as the signal from bot...

Audience ambience mic for PSM

Many users of in-ear monitors add an "audience ambience" mic to the PSM mix. This is mic hung over the audience and its signal is added only to the mix that feeds the PSM. A typical mic for this application is the Shure SM63.

3dB RF attenutor/pad

Mini-Circuits sells the model HAT 3+. This is a 3 dB pad (attenuator), 50 ohms, 1 Watt power ratio, with BNC connections. Connect the PSM transmitting antenna to the HAT 3+ pad, then connect to the PSM transmitter.For the Sh...

Power / Thermal Dissipation of Shure Products See the User Guide for each Shure product in question. It should list the wattage or amperage consumed during operation. Enter the wattage into the first line of ...

Source for custom ear molds in Europe

Information below is correct as of August 2011: ACS Unit 22-23 Beaumont Close BANBURY OX16 1TG United Kingdom Tel : +44(0)1295 266665 Fax : +44(0)1295 259093 info@acscustom.c...

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