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Antenna tip color for bodypacks

Tip Color Frequency Range UR Frequency Band Axient Digital Frequency Band Model Yellow 470 - 530 MHz G...

Can I use more than one PSM receiver with just one transmitter?

Yes, you can use as many PSM receivers as you want to pick up the signal that a PSM transmitter is broadcasting. All the receivers will need to operate on the same frequency as the transmitter. All the receivers will pick up the ...

PSM 900 U.S. Frequency Ranges

U.S. prime frequency ranges: G6: 470 to 506 MHz G7: 506 to 542 K1: 596 to 632 (Discontinued) L6: 656 to 692 (Discontinued)

PSM900 Set Up Videos

How To Set Up and Use PSM900 (Single Transmitter) - How To Set Up and Use PSM900 (Multiple Transmitters) - How to Use Cue Mode - http:/...

PSM900 Mix Mode Channel Separation

No. In Mix Mode, the nominal separation (at 1 kHz) is 20 to 22 dB. Mix Mode is not "dual - monaural" operation; it truly is a mixing mode. The typical use of Mix Mode is instruments in one channel and vocals in the other....

PSM 900 vs PSM 1000 - primary differences

Here are the primary differences: PSM1000 - tuning range is 72 MHz (36 MHz - PSM900) PSM1000 - dual transmitter (P10T) in one chassis PSM1000 - receiver (P10R) has antenna diversity (non-diversity - PSM900) ...

PSM900 - defective battery indicator?

The questions below will help to narrow the possible causes: What type make of AA cells are you using?  Duracell Pro Cell?  Or are you using the Shure SB-900 lithium ion rechargeable cell? ...

PSM900 Frequency Band Discontinuation

K1(596-632 MHz) and L6 (656-692 MHz) frequency bands.

PSM900 Transmitter power in the United States

P9T for the U.S. has 10 mW, 50 mW, and 100 mW.  This is selected via the P9T menu.

PSM900 Will Not Sync

Look closely at the front of the P9T.   It is shipped with a clear, protective plastic film on the front panel.   This film must be removed for the sync to operate as the infrared signal is partially blocked b...

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