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PA421A or PA821A as a receiving antenna combiner

Yes, this concept will work.  Note that the PA421A and PA821A were designed to combine transmitter outputs which provide far stronger RF signals than receiving antennas.  Thus when the PA421A or PA821A is used as a ...

Why does the P10T have two antenna outputs and not a summed output?

The P10T is actually two individual transmitters contained within a single housing. So all the RF components are discreet and independent of one another. Providing a single mixed output, without adding any loss, would require the...

Expanding the PA821 with a PA760 or PA770

It is possible to use a PA760 or PA770 with the PA821: On the front panel of the PA821 is a bnc jack labeled "MAIN OUT." To the right of this is a group of 3 bnc jacks labeled "EXPANSION PORT." Connect a short bnc-to-bn...

Antenna combiner for PSM600

PA421B or PA821B

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