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Difference between ULXP4 and ULXS4 Receivers

The following table lists the differences between the two ULX receivers. ULXP4 Professional Receiver ULXS4 Standard Receiver Rack hardware included Rack hardware optional...

Mounting SLX4 and ULX4 side-by-side

If the ULXP is purchased with the SLX, both systems come with mounting hardware to mount side by side. Both receivers use Shure's link bar system to attach the two chassis' side by side. Both systems come with a long-ear ...

UA506 and UA507 Rack Ears

UA506 has a short rack ear #53E8484 (1.1 inch wide) and a long rack ear #53F8484 (9.7 inches wide.)  These attach to a ULX receiver (8.5 inches wide).  Total width is 19.3 inches.  UA507 has two short...

Rackmounting my ULXS4

Rack mount it using the UA506 kit. Bring the antennas to the front with the UA600 kit.

ULX4 receiver in a half rack space

The width of a ULXP4 or ULXS4 is 8.56 inches.  With two of the 53E8484 short rack mount ears, the total width from the outer edge of each ear is 10 3/8  inches. With the rack mount ears installed,&nb...

ULXS4 or ULXP4 Receiver - powering from external DC

The ULX receiver works properly only when supplied 14 to 18 volts of DC. The current draw is 550 milliamps. If 12 volts of DC is used, audio headroom will be reduced, the "Tx Audio" LED indication on the front pane...

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